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Dog Calendars And Other Accessories Spice Up Life For Your Best Friend

What can you do for a dog? It's rough being a dog; man's best friends do not get appreciated as they deserve. For guarding your home, licking your face, coming every time you call, and chasing away stray cats, all they get is dog food to eat and an place to sleep in the dog house. And they don't like the dog house any better than their best friends do. But there are any number of things you can get to make your canine friends feel honored and appreciated. A little time on the internet will show you precisely how to make your dog feel like one of the family.

There are blankets, leash-hooks, mugs, magnets, paper pads, treat jars, towel holders, toys and tote bags; and calendars. You can find greeting cards, ornaments, playing cards and decals. Each one features an image, icon or photo of your favorite dog breed. Just for Yellow Labradors there are nearly 100 items, not including items for Labs in general, or Black or Chocolate. There is no longer any need to leave out the dog at Christmas, birthdays or special occasions. And dog lovers are your easiest person to regale.

Think how your Labrador feels when you wear a hat with some business logo on it, compared to how he feels when you wear a hat sporting a fine member of his breed. The business probably charges you $10 for the hat and still robs you blind every time you go there. Your Lab gives you honor and affection even when you feed him dog food! He deserves to be honored on your hat. Plus, it makes for a classy hat!

Then there is that generic doormat greeting visitors at your front door. Dogs like guarding the door but probably don't want to do it full time. You can get a very functional doormat with a picture of your dog breed on it. Then your dog can greet all visitors and not try to lick them or jump up to greet them. And if your dog likes to sleep on the door mat it will have a good friend for company.

Imagine going out with a common collar and leash hook. Upscale canines sport a leash hook and colar set decorated for their own breed. It can make all the difference in the world to your dog's confidence and turn that exercise into a pleasant stroll in the park.

Don't forget to get a calendar dog. It's an easy addition to your kennel. There are now hundreds of calendars dedicated to individual dog breeds. (If you have a mutt, get a calendar with several breeds.) If you home is wall-to-wall Chihuahuas, you should have a Chihuahuas. If your mother-in-law has a Chihuahua you already know what gift to give her next time she requires a gift: a calendar full of her favorite breed or a soft blanket to snooze under. Then she will love you at least as much as her dog, (and that could be a significant improvement.)

Calendars come in various shapes and sizes, just like dogs. Besides the traditional 11" x 17" size there are 6" x 12" mini calendars and 6" square desk or boxed calendars. These last ones feature over 360 different photographs, one a day of your favorite canine breed. They can be torn off and used to wall paper an upscale dog dwelling or to keep notes or send them. There are also engagement style calendars which have a different dog photo for every week of the year and pocket-sized planners with a picture on each page.

There are many advantages to calendar dogs. They don't bark or have fleas. They don't lick your face and they already know how to sit, roll over, and stay. You don't need a scooper if you take them to the park, and they never attack the mail person. Of course, they don't fetch very well and they can't keep you warm on a cold night. But they add a nice touch to you home or office and are a happy reminder of how great your dog friend is to have around.

Where do you find all this marvelous merchandise? Do a search on the internet including your breed and what you are looking for; get as specific as possible, and you will be surprised what you will find.

Article written by Bob Cole who loves dogs and publishes 2008 Calendar Central. This site features a section for 2008 Dog Calendars and Accessories with a Dog Calendar Index. It includes a number of with pictures and indexes of breed-specific items. His site attempts to make choosing a calendar or gift via the internet more convenient. If you can't find it on his site he will link to where you can.

Bath Salts For Pets - Natural Flea And Tick Remedy!

Carefully blended for your pet's sensitive skin, bath salts can be relaxing, aid in promoting circulation and help to soothe aching muscles and joints. Think of how therapeutic you find bath salts and imagine that same relief for your pet.

As our pets mature they may become afflicted with arthritis, painful joints or muscle swelling. Relaxing in a soothing bath made from dead sea salt, clay, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil can provide some relief for our furry friends.

  • Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil are recognized as being effective against fleas and ticks and much safer than chemicals. Consider this when mixing your next batch of bath salts. Rather than adding fragrance oils, opt for the essential oils of eucalyptus and tea tree and, following the manufacturer's instructions, mix these into the bath salts. Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil are also recognized for relieving itching and minor skin irritations.
  • Dead Sea Salts are beneficial in many ways to both people and their pets. The correct combination of ingredients is essential.
  • Tea Tree oil and Eucalyptus are nature's natural remedy against irritated skin, itching, fleas and ticks. In fact, they are much safer than chemicals found in many leading flea and tick controls that you can purchase over the counter.
  • Clay: Found to be beneficial in soothing skin, condition hair and trapping moisture, clay can provide some relief from heat spots and dry skin.

Combine therapeutic sea salts with a wonderful clay base to hold moisture to your pet's skin while the eucalyptus and tea tree work their gentle magic in soothing skin irritations and warding off fleas and ticks. The marvel of sea salts will ease muscle and joint aches even as the clay conditions the skin and hair. For mature pets, this can be especially rewarding.

CJ Palmer is the founder of CJ Skin Care. For more helpful tips and techniques and a full listing of CJ Skin Care Products visit

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Dealing With Arthritis In Your Dog

By Beverly Maniago

Arthritis is a condition that affects not only the physical condition of your dog. It is a disease with several sub-classifications, depending on the causes. Apart from trauma or accident, arthritis can also be brought on by infection, aging, or as result of wear or tear. Scientists have identified two of risk factors for arthritis in dogs: genetics and environment. Several large breed dogs are more prone to develop several forms of arthritis compared to smaller breeds. When your pet is also obese, due to sedentary lifestyle and improper nutrition, the extra weight carried also adversely affects the joints.

Symptoms of arthritis in your dog include limping, inability to do activities that they normally love to do, like running and jumping, whimpering, preference to stay in one place for a long time. When dogs are in pain, they may also experience fever, shortness of breath, and dilation of the pupils.

Take your dog to your trusted veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis. You veterinarian can also advice you on the proper way to manage arthritis in your pet, as well as determine whether your dog needs surgery or not. Surgical procedures are sometimes performed on newly developed arthritis in dogs, to halt its progression. Surgery is also done as the last resort, to prevent your dog from going completely lame.

You dog might need to take several drugs to relieve the pain. Most veterinarians recommend the intake of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These types of medications help bring down inflammation of the joint, reduce the swelling, and alleviate pain. NSAIDs work against secretion of prostaglandins, the primary culprit for inflammation. Though not without some side effects, efficacy can still be achieved in dealing with arthritis in your dog, especially if dosage instructions are properly followed. Be sure to give your dog the medication specifically prescribed by your veterinarian, as there are other types of NSAIDs that may cause more harm than good to your beloved pet. Other products that promise pain relief and some degree of relief on the affected joints are the dietary supplements containing chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine sulfate, or glucosamine HCL. These substances have the capability to repair the damages done on the cartilage, the substance cushioning the friction made by bones in joints. These supplements are available in capsule and liquid forms. One of the better known and trusted formulas is Syn-flex for Pets. Synflex is a liquid glucosamine supplement that provides ten other synergistic arthritis fighting ingredients like chondroitin, boswellin, bromelain, yucca, and omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids to name a few. Synflex has 2 formulas, both of which provide amazing results. Syn-flex for Pets in Beef Flavor is their newest product for animals and provides even greater amounts of glucosamine per dose.

Along with medications, you as the owner need to implement some lifestyle modifications on your pet in order to reduce the flare up of arthritis as often as possible. Reduce your pet's extra pounds by doing some low-intensity exercise regimens, like walking on leash and swimming. These activities not only help in weight reduction, it also maintains the flexibility and mobility of affected joints. Provide ramps when your pet needs to get on high places, and keep them in warm environments at all time. Know that just like humans, cold weather also brings a lot of discomfort and pain among dogs with arthritis. Refrain from giving your pet sugary treats all throughout the day, and offer him just the right amount of food during feeding time. Studies have shown that leaner dogs have better chances of avoiding arthritis.

Arthritis in your dog can also be dealt by providing warm sleeping mattress. Do not allow your dog to sleep on newspapers, as they are slippery and provide no traction when they try to get up after sleeping. There are several orthopedic mattresses available specifically for pets, though a basket with an old sweater or towels would also be sufficient.

Though there is no question that arthritis in your dog can be quite debilitating, it can also be easily dealt with, especially with a lot of management options available and a little dedication on your part. If you would like more information on the safe and effective Syn-flex (Synflex) products mentioned you can find it at...

Cat Arthritis - Symptoms And Treatments

Cat arthritis is a progressive disease characterized by the inflammation of the joints. It tends to be a chronic condition and its symptoms recur, becoming more severe over time. Cat arthritis usually appears in older or geriatric cats but it can also develop in younger pets. It's not very common, but it can be a very uncomfortable, even debilitating disease among our feline friends.

There are several types of cat arthritis that your pet might develop. These include:


This is the degenerative form of cat arthritis, a chronic condition that results from joint fatigue or wear and tear of the cartilage that protects the surface of the joint. When this happens, bones grind against each other and later becomes damaged from the friction. This usually appears on the shoulders and elbows.

Traumatic Arthritis

This usually results from a sprain or joint injury. Trauma or damaged sustained from accidents, falls, even fights can injure the joint and promote the development of cat arthritis.

Progressive Polyarthritis

This type of cat arthritis affects several joints at once and symptoms tend to worsen as the disease progresses. This results from the erosion of the protective cartilage, exposing the bones.

Another factor that may lead to cat arthritis is a congenital joint problem, something that your cat was born with and will suffer from by virtue of his genes. Obesity may also contribute to the wear and tear of the joints due to excessive weight.

Symptoms of Cat Arthritis

Cats usually exhibit the signs and symptoms of cat arthritis when the disease has already progressed, which makes it difficult for us to detect the condition in its early stages. However, it's good to note any changes in your cat's behavior especially if he or she is advancing in age. Cats with arthritis also show limping or joint stiffness. They will be reluctant to move or play and will often resist touch especially if it involves the affected area. Since the condition is quite painful, cats often show signs of irritability.

Is Prevention of Cat Arthritis Possible?

It's difficult to prevent cat arthritis caused by age or at least to predict whether a cat's breed or size will contribute to the development of this disease. What is important is that the cat is treated when signs appear. Do not try unproven treatments or supplements without first consulting the veterinarian. Prompt diagnosis and proper care are best.

Treatment for Cat Arthritis

It is unclear whether cat arthritis may be prevented but it may be prudent to ensure that your cat is not overweight. Try to keep a balanced diet to ensure that your cat is well-nourished but that he does not gain too much weight. Proper exercise is also key to help cats maintain their weight so make sure your pet has enough opportunities to participate in physical activities.

An early diagnosis of cat arthritis will be an important factor in helping minimize symptoms and prevent further damage. Regular medication may also be prescribed to relieve pain and inflammation. Some of the most common include painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, which are strictly available through prescription only. Supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin, which show promise in helping in the development and repair of cartilage, may also be used.

Certain medications, such as Adequan, may be injected into the affected area in order to bring about relief in severe cases. Some medications, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and corticosteroids which are used to reduce inflammation and minimize pain, are used sparingly. The limited use is due to their side effects, especially to cats with liver, kidney or heart disease.

Consult Your Veterinarian

Once your cat has been diagnosed with arthritis, never, under any circumstances, try to treat the condition on your own using common painkillers. Aspirin, for example, may be tolerated in small doses, but cats lack the natural enzyme with which to process aspirin in their bodies and may not be able to excrete the drug efficiently. Other painkillers, such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen may even be fatal to cats.

For severe cases of cat arthritis where joint malformation is already evident, surgery may sometimes be recommended. If the pain is untreatable, some owners may even choose to euthanize their pet in order to prevent further suffering.

Cat arthritis tends to be a life-long condition and it is often best to seek the help of a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment if only to help prolong your cat's life. Try to keep your cat as comfortable as possible and be aware of any symptoms or side effects that treatments may produce. No one else can come to your cat's rescue except for you, so it's best to be fully aware.

Flor Serquina is a successful Webmaster and publisher of She provides more information on topics such as cat arthritis, canine rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis medicine for dogs which you can research on her website even while lounging in your living room.

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Dog Illnesses - Find Out If Your Dog Has a Slipped Kneecap

By Kwame Ofori-Atta

Dog illnesses are not what any dog owner wants for their dog. Every dog owner wants a healthy dog, fun and energetic to play with. One dog illnesses is Slipped Kneecap disease. In the beginning this illness will not seem to be serious and if immediate action is not taken, it can be very uncomfortable for your dog.

Slipped kneecapped illness can show symptoms in a dog as early as 6 months old or in some when they grow up.

1. One can identify this dog illness when you notice that your young dog limps when running.

2. When there is occasional and sharp lameness on the back legs.

3. When your dog cannot squat or find it difficult to squat.

4. When there is a usual short cry of pain from your dog when walking, running and climbing high rise objects. This makes it difficult for the dog to exercise and limits their freedom.

The above symptoms are really uncomfortable and painful and no dog owner will want his or her do to go through any of the above. We have no excuse to let any dog go through common dog illnesses which can be cured or minimized through common knowledge or regular vet. visits.

The good news is that dog illnesses such as slipped kneecapped can be corrected or healed if detected in the infancy of the dog. If not detect as earl as possible then we can categorized them into the 5 categories. To find out more about slipped kneecapped and the 5 categories visit Dog Illnesses lens.

Find out more from Dog Illnesses


Weaning Puppies Is Only Natural

We hope that you finish this article having learned at least a little bit of new information. If so, then we have done our job. Weaning puppies is a wholly natural manner. Mama dogs have been burdening it successfully for ages, so how hard can it be, right? But humans, not being dogs, can sometimes overlook the natural part, and get bemused about it. Detail is, weaning puppies is an calm, rational manner.

During the second part, we must switch to a more serious side to fully communicate the subject matter in a way for all to understand. When you're leaning to commence weaning your new puppies, keep in opinion that this should be done leisurely, in small walks. You cant gust it, and you definitely don't want to commence when the puppies are too babies.

Sometimes people get hurried and try to commence weaning puppies before they're three weeks old. That's too early. Their bodies require expounding the ability to lever frozen food, and that takes time. remain the three weeks -- it's not truly so long.

The first walk in the weaning manner is to take the mother away from the puppies at slightest an hour before its time for them to eat. This gives the puppies a luck to get good and hungry. They'll be more leaning to try the new, alternative food you proposal them.

consider, when its time for the puppies to eat, the mother should be nowhere around.

The alternative food you proposal them should be liquid or partly-liquid so it's calm for them to swallow and digest. stable food won't work for them yet. You can make a gruel of commercial dog food varied with water or baby muesli weak with water. Another selection when weaning puppies is to use watery worried baby food.

Put any of these mixtures in a small, shallow dish. Some of the puppies will have no tricky intake. They'll grab on immediately. But there may be a few that just don't get it. So they'll require some encouragement. The easiest way is to put a little of the mixture on the tip of their nose or on their tongue.

When weaning puppies you'll also require to shrinkage the quantity of food you're generous the mother. This causes her to generate excluding milk. At the same time, you can leisurely commence increasing the quantity of food you give the puppies, and over the next numerous time make it excluding soupy. As they grow and their digestion matures, their food should leisurely become more frozen, day by day.

Weaning puppies at this meaning becomes easier because, as the frozen food grows more regular to them, they learn to have it more. Let them eat as greatly as they want as long as they don't become puffy.

If you attempt weaning puppies like this, the manner should be minimal, pain excluding and calm. presume to see them completely weaned by the time they're six to eight weeks old. Having this information handy will help you a great deal the next time you find yourself in need of it.

Jacky Hayme writes for where you can find out more about Pet Doors and other topics

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Attract Wild Birds All Year Around With A Solar Powered Bird Bath

Do you want wild birds in your yard all year around? If you do, you should try using a solar powered bird bath. Water is as important as food and shelter, when attracting wild birds to your yard. You will find that there are many different solar powered bird baths available. Most of them combine a conventional bird bath with a fountain. The solar powered pump keeps water running through the bird bath. Adding movement to the water in a bird bath is a great idea. Keeping the water in motion not only attracts more wild birds it also eliminates stagnation. Stagnate water may attract mosquitoes and other uninvited pests into your yard.

Another type of solar bird bath uses solar power to operate a light that goes on when it is dark. This creates a wonderful garden accent.

There are basically two ways to set up a solar powered bird bath. One option has solar panels incorporated into the bird bath itself. Others have solar panels that are separate from the bath, but connected to it. Where you put your solar powered bird bath depends on the type of bird bath you choose. A bird bath with integrated solar panels will have to be placed in the sun. A bird bath with separate panels may be placed in shade, as long as the panels are located in the sun.

If you are unable to locate a solar powered bird bath heater, simply add an electric bird bath heater to your bird bath. Electric bird bath heaters attach to your home's power in order to keep the water in the bird bath from freezing. There are a few drawbacks to using electric heat to warm your bird bath. First, you have to place the heated bird bath close enough to your house so it can reach an electric outlet. Second, there will be an unsightly and maybe even unsafe cord running through your yard. Using electric power is also more expensive than solar power, and using a cord may not be the best option around animals and your family.

Taking the time to find a solar powered solution will pay off for you in the end. You will have an attractive bird bath without ugly cords and local wild birds will have a fresh water source all year around. A reliable water source for wild birds increases their chance for survival to produce even more lovely birds for the next year. Choosing a solar powered bird bath, to attract wild birds, is a great way to teach your children about environmental responsibility, and when you don't need an electrical cord you have more choices as to where you put your bird bath will in your yard.

Rob Huff and his family have enjoyed backyard bird watching for many years. We have used a a solar powered bird bath for many years. I was suprised at how many varities of wild birds were attracted by the moving water.

Iguana Care - Ensuring Your Iguana Is Happy, Healthy And Safe

By Roxanne Manning

Individuals who choose to have an iguana as a pet, may not be fully of aware of how to properly take care of it. Because these reptiles are not your typical pet, like a cat or dog, people are simply unaware of the basics. It is good to know that iguana care is not as high maintenance as that required for a cat or dog. However, there are some pretty basic rules that one should follow to make sure that their pet is happy, healthy and has as long a life as possible.

Here are a few iguana care basics. It is important to know that in some aspects they are similar to human beings. They awake in the morning and require darkness at nighttime in order to properly sleep and rest. However, because iguanas are cold blooded, their internal temperatures are dependent upon their surrounding conditions. Therefore, having a heat source is important. This is vital in order for them to maintain their body temperatures. To that end, one should consider purchasing a cage with a bulb. If you don't, you may find that during the night your pet may find a dark, corner in order to stay warm.

You also want to make sure that you have aid available in case your iguana starts showing signs of skin disease or sickness. Antiseptic and iodine are important to have around. If you fear that your pet may have an infection as evidenced by dark spots or scratches on their skin that had not been there before, and the problem seems to persist or get worse, then it is very important for you to make a visit with an iguana veterinarian. They will be able to give you proper advice on how to remedy the problem and nurse your beloved pet back to health.

To learn how to ensure that your pet is happy and healthy and to receive vital information for effectively taking care of your new pet, click here: Iguana Care Basics

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Electronic Dog Training Collars: Harmful or Helpful?

By Jason Montag

Electronic dog training collars are a hot topic of debate amongst many dog lovers and dog trainers. Tons of people ask if they are useful and if they are a tool that a dog owner should use. The answer seems to be yes in most circles. The one thing that everyone can agree on is that if you are to employ an electronic dog training collar you should follow a few guidelines and we have listed them here.

An electronic dog training collar should not be used as a first line of defense. If you have never attempted to train your dog before then traditional training methods should be used first. The shock collar is only meant for dogs that have behavioral problems which have not been able to be curbed with normal non-electronic training methods.

Use the electronic dog collars sparingly. This is not to say that you should not correct your dog every time it makes a mistake, you should, but if they are making lots of mistakes cease activity for the session or the day so that they are not getting zapped too many times.

Do not ever use the electronic dog collar to punish your dog. The purpose of the electronic dog training collar is to teach the dog not to punish.

Lastly speak to a certified trainer and your veterinarian to see if your dog would benefit from the use of an electronic dog collar. You may find that the answer surprises you a lot.

Can You Really Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

It's pretty obvious where the saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" came from. In reality, this saying is probably more accurate for people than it is for dogs. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks, but good luck with teaching grandpa.

"Old" is a relative word. What's old to some dogs is not old to other dogs. Generally speaking, you can train a dog of any age. Sure, dog training might be a little tougher with a dog that's 8 years old than it is with a dog that's 3 years old, but it's probably more of a challenge for the dog's trainer than it is for the dog.

The fact is, most people get rid of dogs because of dog obedience problems. Every dog needs basic obedience training[/tag], and if you're not spending time training your dog, even your older dog, your neglecting your responsibility as a pet owner.

So how can you teach an old dog new tricks? With patience and persistence. Without getting into actual dog training techniques, let me tell you a story...

A man in North Carolina had a dog for 7 years. The dog had NEVER been inside the man's house. Never! It just lived outside, roaming the property, sleeping in his dog house for 7 years.

One day, the man died, so the his niece decided to take care of the dog. The dog was a mutt, by the way. She took the dog into her house and after 6 weeks of consistent training the dog was completely housebroken and had learned to sit on command.

So, yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Alex Page has been a happy pet owner for nearly 30 years. He enjoys helping pets and pet owners have the best relationship possible. He is currently a key article contributer to, a site dedicated to discussing all things about pets such as dog training techniques, correcting dog behavior problems, and cat and dog products.

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Soft Dog Carriers & Soft Dog Crates

Soft dog carriers, and soft dog crates are are great way to transport your small dog. A soft sided dog crate will give your dog a sense of comfort and home. Soft sided dog carriers allow the dog to feel comfortable when they brush or lean against the wall.

Fabric carriers allow for you and your pet to be more comfortable. Fabric carriers can be used on small dogs and on cats. A fabric dog carrier can be as unique as you are, and match what style you have. A fabric dog carrier may also be a designer dog carrier, as many companies now cater to pet owners. A dog purse, or a carrier bag for small dogs is a great way to tote your dog with you, and not have to worry about the awkwardness of a hard dog carrier. A dog purse or a dog tote can also be unique. Soft dog carriers will make carrying your small dog or cat easy.

When looking for a soft dog carrier, you need to keep in mind that the size of your dog does matter, especially if you are looking at a carrier bag. You also have to keep in mind how heavy your dog is. If you have a small dog, but it is a heavy dog, then make sure that your soft dog crate, or soft sided dog carrier has a secure bottom, so that your dog receives the support that it needs. Keep in mind these great questions about dog crates.

What ever you decide is the best method for toting your dog, and carrying your dog, be sure that you train your dog on how to use the soft dog crate.

Glucosamine For Dog Arthritis - Does It Really Work?

Some say dogs are the best companion anyone could have while others say they are family. That's the kind of feeling people share with dogs and this is one relationship that does not take into considerations any geographical boundaries, race or creed. German dogs like the German Shepherd and Doberman Pinchers are some of the best guard dogs while the Labrador and the Golden Retriever are treated as the best family dogs.

But a dog comes for a price. He/she is as much susceptible to diseases and other physical ailments or problems as we are. One of the most concerning dog health problems is arthritis in dog. Dog arthritis occurs due to inflammation in the joints and can be divided into two categories: degenerative arthritis and inflammatory arthritis.

The degenerative arthritis or joint disease is also known as osteoarthritis and occurs in dogs when the cartilage starts to degenerate at a rapid pace. The inflammatory joint disease occurs when there is an infection in the joints or there is an immune-mediated disease called as like dog rheumatoid arthritis. This type of immune arthritis in dog can affect multiple joints and is accompanied by anorexia and fever.

There are various dog arthritis treatments available, but the best treatment for dog arthritis is glucosamine. Basically, there are two types of Glucosamine supplements. They are Glucosamine HCL and sulfate. The amount of glucosamine that can be given to your dog depends on the physical condition of your dog.

After many researches about dog arthritis medication, recent studies suggest that liquid glucosamine is better than glucosamine tablets. The reasons include: 1) Liquid glucosamine has many higher absorption rates than solid glucosamine; 2) Liquid glucosamine has much better effectiveness to treat arthritis in dog than glucosamine tablets. If your dog is suffering from dog arthritis like dog rheumatoid arthritis, it is highly recommend to get liquid glucosamine for your lovely dogs. Don't delay.

Niva Gordoe is a chief editor for pet care website that help you to find best pet services and pet products with low price. You can find details how to use liquid glucosamine to cure dog arthritis effectively and quickly.

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Michigan Dog Bite Lawyers

By Jimmy Sturo

Dog bites are a very serious public health menace. It is a traumatic event for the dog attack victim and the victim's family. All dog bites require medical attention to rule out infection. Dog-bite lawyers can help dog bite victims, to seek compensation or conduct legal proceedings against the dog owners, if necessary.

Michigan's Dog Bite Statute, states that the dog owner is responsible for any damage caused by a dog bite. For the owner of a dog to be liable to the injured person, it is necessary for the dog bite victim to prove that, the dog was vicious or had a natural inclination to be dangerous, and that the owner had knowledge thereof. In most dog bite cases, the circumstances can be established with photographs, medical records, witness statements, or other evidence that the dog caused substantial physical harm. It is better to contact a competent dog bite lawyer as soon as possible after a person is bitten. This will enable the lawyer to collect all the necessary evidence and records and successfully handle the case on behalf of the victim.

The Michigan dog bite law stipulates that a Michigan state resident victim of a dog bite incident can take legal action against a Michigan dog owner, within three years from the date of the dog bite incident. In many cases it may be difficult to identify the dog owner. The case becomes complicated if the dog was not given timely vaccinations. The dog bite lawyer can help to collect the relevant licensing and vaccination records, as well as the testimony of witnesses, if any people were present when the incident occurred.

If contacted immediately after the dog bite incident, a proficient dog bite lawyer will be able to provide the victim, proper claim presentations for insurance company settlement, or for placing before a judge at the trial if necessary.

Michigan Lawyers provides detailed information on Michigan Auto Accident Lawyers, Michigan Divorce Lawyers, Michigan Lawyers, Michigan Medical Malpractice Lawyers and more. Michigan Lawyers is affiliated with Michigan Personal Injury Lawyers Info.

Discount Pet Stores

By Kent Pinkerton

Most human beings are animal lovers. They like to keep animals as pets for companionship and happiness. These pets deserve the best care just as anyone else in the family. Because of their love for pets, they are always looking for little things for their favorite animals.

The pet service and merchandise industry has grown dramatically in this age of pampered pets. Thus a large number of pet stores have come up all over. There are a number of pet products and supplies available in the market today. Pet lovers can buy these products from discount pet stores.

Low priced items available for pets from discount pet stores or shops are endless. Most of the discount pet stores have a fairly decent size and they carry everyday pet items and also special items. These stores stock more items than regular department stores or retail stores that sell pet products.

There are a wide range of discount pet stores to choose from. Both online and regular discount pet stores offer a range of items for the pets that you love. The online pet discount stores carry a wide range of product for your type of pet. These discount pet stores are very useful for checking out a wide range of pet items. Online stores are handy as they are easy to order from these stores

Most of the discount pet stores are pet friendly. They are all designed to provide comfort to the pet owner while he is buying things for his pet. Some pet discount stores offer countless services in addition to their regular services. They include grooming services, veterinary services and pet photography. Community service such as obedience classes, pet adoption clinics and lectures on pet care techniques are also offered.

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Puppy Nutrition - Why Mother's Milk Is Crucial For The Survival Of Newborn Puppies

Puppies go through great changes in their bodies from the time of birth to the time that they are weaned from their mother. These changes are so tremendous that they can be seen taking place on a day-to-day basis. During this period of growth the type of food that they receive should be changing to keep up with the needs of their growing body.

A puppy's first stage of eating takes place in their mother's womb. This food comes in a form of nutrients that are found through the mother's blood and are carried over to the puppy's blood without him having to do anything. After their birth, a puppy's fragile digestive tract are only able to absorb nutrients that are easily digested. These well absorbed nutrients are provided by their mother in the form of milk.

During the following weeks of nursing the puppies, ingredients found in the mother's milk is also changing. During the first 24 hours after the birth of the puppies (whelping), the mother's milk is largely made of a substance called colostrum. This substance is very high in proteins, vitamins, and calories, and provide the puppies with protective anti-bodies that help to build up their immune system. A healthy immune system protects their delicate and susceptible bodies from a number of infections and illnesses. This type of milk also provides them with the energy that they need for the first 24 hours of their lives.

After the initial burst of nutrients from the colostrum is transferred to the puppies, the mother then stops producing the substance from her milk. During the following days, the mother's milk changes in concentration. It becomes more mature, more concentrated, and has more nutrients to accommodate the puppies' changing bodies. As they approach the weaning stage, the milk changes again and becomes more diluted as the puppies diet changes and eats more solid foods.

The first two to five days after birth is considered to be the most crucial period that occurs in a dog's life. The other critical period happens at weaning and two to three weeks following that. This is the time when the puppy's digestive tract changes in order to adapt from their mother's milk to their new diet of solid foods.

The transition from mother's milk to solid food should take place gradually, and automatically. Forcing this process to happen in a shorter amount of time causes more stress and more difficulty for the puppies. Puppies' sensitive digestive tract should be trained to handle different types of food by slowly decreasing the amount of milk and at the same time increasing the amount of solid food.

May Meggan loves dogs and loves to write. A combination made for the internet. Her most recent project is where she helps dog-owners to find smart ways to learn to train their dog and have great fun doing so. Most of the ideas found on come from her own 22 years of experience.

Understanding Cat Arthritis Symptoms - Caring For An Arthritic Cat

The increasing amount of cat owners feeding highly processed commercial cat food is reported by many veterinary experts to be a contributing factor in the increasing amount of cat arthritis happening in cats.

It is certainly not coincidence that owners who feed their cats homemade and raw food see lower occurrence of degenerative arthritis in their cats.

Today, although there are no concrete proof to show that commercial cat food contribute to arthritis development in cats, it is widely believe that they play a big part, From there, we understand that your cat's diet would play a major effect in preventing this stressful cat disease.

Apart from diet, overweight older cats are also more likely to develop arthritis because of the extra pressure they put on their joints causing the cartilage and bones to wear off faster. Naturally, a cat who enjoys a healthy diet and who exercise regularly will be less likely to suffer from the same condition.

The symptoms of arthritis in cats would be that he will find it difficult to walk around and run. Moving around stiffly, he will not make jumps that he use to make and will have difficulty in climbing up stairs. Showing signs of depression, your cat would hide away and appear listless and even bad tempered. Not allowing you to touch and stroke him in areas where he is painful, he might cry out if you touch him on a painful joint.

To diagnose arthritis in cats, veterinary will observe, use blood test and most importantly the x-ray examination. The X-ray will show joint degeneration in areas of worn, irregular bone position and possible distortion of the joint and see if the bone is causing pain and forcing the cat to stand in an awkward position to compensate for the discomfort.

Arthritis treatment will include medication to help your cat ease the pain on his joints, to aid the regeneration process of cartilage and bone, to build up the fluid within the capsular joints to provide a cushion for the joint itself. Your veterinary will prepare dose of glucosamine and chondroitin that are use for the same purpose in humans for your cat.

You can help your cat to recover by encouraging him to walk whenever possible to prevent the joints from stiffening further. You should try to create a warmer environment for him to rest. A warm water bottle place under his bed might do the trick. The warmth will help your cat to ease pain and loosen his muscles which might be tense because of the constant pain that he is suffering.

Recovery from arthritis is possible with the right treatment and care. Although a hundred percent recovery is not possible, your cat will still be able to enjoy a high quality of life.

Moses Wright is a webmaster and he provides more information on Cat Health, Cat Veterinary Diseases and Cat Illnesses Symptoms on his website. You are welcome to reprint this article if you keep the content and live link intact.

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Pet Doors: Giving Your Pet Freedom to Come and Go as They Please Helps Solve Behavior Problems

By Byron Pappageorge

Pet Doors

Are you considering installing a pet door for your pet? If so, you are in luck. Pet doors are becoming more common and more available. In fact, installing a pet door is a great way to treat your pet. Pet doors come in all sorts of styles to fit just about any need. Taking some time to research what type of pet door you are looking for and finding one that fits your budget will help ease your decision. Pet doors are found throughout the Internet as well as in many pet supply stores.

Purchasing a pet door is a big step in your animal's freedom. Allowing your little guy to leave and enter at his will is a bonus for you as well. But, where do you look for a pet door? What choices do you have? To start, there is much to consider. Take a few minutes to find some information out.

For example, do you want a door mounted pet door or a wall mounted pet door? Both have advantages and both will depend on what structure your home is in. Are you thinking about a pet door that is a simple flap or one that is electric? Will you want to install the pet door into a glass sliding door? Yes, you can do many things with the pet door you choose! You may consider adding a patio pet door to your home in which your sliding door is adjusted to allow for the animals entrance without creating a hole in your home or door.

If you've decided on something and are looking for a retailer, you may want to check out your local pet supply store. Often they carry some basic pet doors. But, your true selection will lie on the Internet. By doing a simple search, you will be able to find many retailers who are able to assist you in your pet door selection! Have fun with it and find just the right pet door for your little guy or girl!

Byron Pappageorge

Electric Dog Fences

By Ross Bainbridge

Electric dog fences are a new option to keep your pets safe. Of all dog-fencing systems, the most flexible is the electric dog fence. Electric dog fences are popular among pet owners and dog trainers. A wide selection is available including the Ultra Deluxe with a comfort fit receiver,

The installation of electric dog fences is very simple. The components required include insulators, a pet-collar with a receiver, charger, heavy wire and fence wire. The boundary wire is buried approximately 1-2 inches below the surface. Ifs the pet comes too close to the boundary, the boundary wire sends out a signal. The pet-collar worn by the dog produces a beep sound, and the dog receives a mild electric shock.

Most of the authorized online dealers of dog fences offer free shipping services to their customers. When choosing a dog fence, it is good to check whether the retailer offers a money-back guarantee and warranty. Electric dog fences need routine maintenance, so pet owners who have electric dog fences must check it regularly in order to avoid accidents.

Electric dog fences must be "broken in" for the dog. Even the the fence does provide an electric shock, telling the dog not to go there, it can still run across the boundary if not trained properly. Once your fence is installed and your dog is wearing the receiver, take it on a leash and slowly show it the boundaries. The extra time and care spent will ensure your dog never wanders too far.

Dog Fences provides detailed information on Dog Fences, Electric Dog Fences, Invisible Dog Fences, Wireless Dog Fences and more. Dog Fences is affiliated with Wire Dog Containment Systems.

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Canine Rheumatoid Arthritis - Valuable Tips For Protecting Your Dog

Canine rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that affects dogs of all ages, unlike osteoarthritis that usually affects older dogs. Since it is an autoimmune disease, this type of canine arthritis comprises the body's initial reaction to fight off canine distemper virus affecting other tissues as well, such as joints and cartilages.

Although it is just one way of the dog's body to fight off viruses, in some cases the tendency of the immune system is that even the healthy joints are affected. This process eventually causes inflammation which eventually leads to joint damage.

Preventing canine rheumatoid arthritis is not an exact science, but veterinarians have discovered a few methods to lower your pet's risk. Here's how:

Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Vitamin C

Just like humans, dogs also need the right nutrients to maintain the normal processes of their bodies. Vets say that providing dogs with Omega 3-enriched foods will help lower the risk of developing canine rheumatoid arthritis.

Experts suggest that if Omega 3 fatty acids has great impact in humans particularly in lowering their risks in developing rheumatoid arthritis, dogs can exhibit the same effect. Hence, it is best to include foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids in your dog's diet, such as fish. You can also use fish oils and add them into your dog's meals.

Also, try to find dog foods that are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C may not be able to cure canine rheumatoid arthritis but it can help prevent the rapid deterioration or destruction of the joints as caused by the body's autoimmune response against certain viruses.

Stop Weight Gain

Some dog owners are fond of seeing their dogs fat or overweight. As much as you would want them to stay adorable, obesity in dogs can trigger the progression of canine rheumatoid arthritis.

The idea is that even if this particular type of canine arthritis is commonly caused by the over-reaction of the immune system, destruction of the joints are still evident. Hence, excess weight can cause the pain and discomfort brought about by the disease.

Extra weight will always put added stress on your dog's joints. Such pressure can wear down the joints in your dog's knees leading to arthritis.

Regular walking and playing with your dog will provide him the best exercise he needs.

Use Dietary Supplements

Just like in humans, supplements can promote better health in dogs, especially when it comes to their bones' health. Try to enhance your dog's diet with Chondroitin Sulphate and Glucosamine Sulphate. These supplements help in inhibiting the weakening and destruction of joints and cartilages in a dog's skeletal system. These supplements increase the lubrication at the cartilages through liquid extraction to the joint.

Also, try to improve your dog's diet by adding up some nutrients to their usual food. Cut up some vegetables or blend in some fruits in your dog's meal for added supplements. Just keep in mind not to add up onions or mushrooms as these can be very deadly for dogs.

Treat the Pain

It is a well-known fact that canine rheumatoid arthritis can not totally be prevented. However, if the disease is already present, the main treatment you should administer is to control the pain or relieve your dog from such discomfort.

Pain relievers are the most common types of medications administered in dogs with rheumatoid arthritis. However, dog owners should be wary of using such medications because of the possible adverse effects on their pets. Just like in humans, medicines can also aggravate or trigger some effects, such as stomach irritation, nausea, vomiting, or may even cause liver and kidney problems.

Cooperating with your veterinarian to come up with the appropriate medication or treatment for your dog can ease the pain that your pet is going through. Keep in mind as well that the extra little thing that you can do for your dog, such as providing him nice, comfy quarters can help the discomfort he is experiencing with canine rheumatoid arthritis.

Flor Serquina is a successful Webmaster and publisher of She provides more information on topics such as canine rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis medicine for dogs and the American Arthritis Foundation which you can research on her website even while lounging in your living room.

Pet Urns - Honoring Your Pet With A Pet Urn (Dog And Cat)

The loss of a pet is a hard time for any pet lover, and dealing with the pain of the loss can be extremely difficult. Pet's friendship is irreplaceable and unmatched.

If you are looking for a great way to pay honor to your pet and keep their memory alive in your heart, you may consider a pet urn. They are a wonderful way to keep a loving memorial of your pet, and pet urns come in a wide selection. You can choose between wood, photo, vase, marble, and many other types of urns. I personally like the photo urn because with this urn you are able to place a picture of your pet on the urn, and it is a true reminder of the love shared between the pet owner and the pet.

They now have Life-size pet urns that are the actually size, look, and shape of your pet. Whatever type of urn you choose, you can rest assured that you will be able to honor your pet with a lasting memory, and every time you look at the urn will be reminded for of the special moments that you shared with your pet. So, no matter what type of pet you own you have to choice to have a pet urn in their honor.

I have a bull mastiff that is like a family member in our home, and I know that if something were to happy to our precious dog that I would want to do something for my family to help them through this hard time.

By: Chad Wiley Peturns-online has a large selection of pet urns. If you are looking at purchasing a pet urn please come visit our website for more information.

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Pet Grooming Training Resources

With the evolution of the internet and the world wide web, pet grooming training resources are very easy to find. In fact, there is so much information available that one can become confused. When looking for ideas about pet grooming training, consider the sources. The pet owner might want to begin their search by going to a local pet supply store. Stores such as Petco and Petsmart can be an excellent source for the pet owner. Both of these stores have seminar classes on pet obedience as well as grooming.

There are a lot of people who learn best by doing. Why not take the time to take classes with your pet. The pet owner will have a beautiful looking pet and have the confidence to continually groom the pet for years to come. Another pet grooming training resource is private animal clubs where people share techniques and exchange ideas. Call the breeder of your pet and get connected.

The internet will have forums for just about every pet available. This can be a wealth of information. Also, enter a chat room for pet owners. This is a real time place where pet owners are talking to each other about many subjects.

Things To Watch Out For

Along with all of the good advice the customer will find, there are some bad ideas and suggestions that the pet owner will want to stay clear of. Some groomers will actually abuse a pet in order to groom them. Let it be known that most pet groomers love animals and would never even consider abusing one. For whatever reason though, maybe from bad pet grooming training, there are a few bad apples in the group.

Most groomers will let you watch how they do it. Stay away from those who will not let you observe their techniques. If one uses a website or a chat room, use common sense. There are many people that will have great pet grooming training ideas, but some ideas will be terrible. One great thing about website forums is that most people who are on these sites are good and will immediately come down on someone who gives bad advice. Pet grooming training is not rocket science and with a little advice, can be accomplished fairly easy.

Remember this; One's pet depends on its owner for all of their care. Take the time to take care of ones pet and they will pay the pet owner back with unconditional love.

About the Author:

John Mailer has written many articles about dogs and puppies and how to train them. His main business is as an internet marketer Pet Grooming Dog Food


What Is Affordable Pet Health Insurance?

By Elizabeth Katz

If we are honest nothing is ever more dear to your heart than your pet! Doesn't matter if it is a cat, dog, rabbit or a python everyone loves their pets and they become part of the family. However there are a number of occasions where people will come up against a financial issue when it comes to paying for your loving friends care should they fall ill. This is the time when affordable pet health insurance comes in really helpful.

I have a friend who is a vet and over a drink one evening I was talking about pet insurance and what she would class as affordable pet health insurance, her reply was "It depends what you call affordable? Is affordable what you can afford to pay if something goes wrong or is affordable pet health insurance what you pay for your pet on a yearly insurance?"

This was a valid point! If I took the cost of my dog (for example) and she had a bad accident, god forbid but lets say for arguments sake that she got hit by a car. The vet costs could be in the thousands for the initial care and then the after care and attention that my faithful hound would need. The thought of having to pay that out would have taken a serious dent from my savings, and in many cases people would have to borrow the money in order to afford the cost of getting my beloved dog back to full health.

Then there is the other option where I take out a monthly subscription to a yearly affordable pet health insurance and I pay one simple payment of about $20 a month and my animal is covered in case anything should happen to it. Of course there are extreme cases where not everything might be covered but basically it is much cheaper to have the second option.

So this is why we feel that affordable pet health insurance is worth every penny rather than take the risk that your pooch is safe make sure it is safe.

Find more valuable information and the best places to get your insurance quotes from at Online Insurance Advice


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Could Boredom Be Causing Your Cat's Behavior Problems? 10 Quality Play Tips For Your Cat

When a cat is displaying major behavior problems it usually comes from a lack of things to do. That's right old fashion boredom. Boredom can lead to neurotic chewing, compulsive grooming, over eating, and in some cases aggression.

If you take a short amount of playtime with your cat, it will improve your cats mental health and physical well-being. This could all happen in as little as 15 minutes. Not only does it help your cats health but can also create a stronger bond between you and your beloved family pet.

Here are some fun ideas to add a bit of excitement to your cat's every day routine.

PAPER BAG (without handles)

Cats love to hide out so something as simple as a paper bag can be a new toy. Take out a paper bag and watch them enjoy. If you want to make it extra fun cut some holes into it and put their favorite toy inside. That'll sure keep them busy!


Cats enjoy a good hunting game so get one of their toys and place it right in between the cushions of your couch or even simply under a pillow. Then once your cat finds it and takes it out. Find another hiding place. The fun will just keep on going.


If you don't already have a dangling cat toy you can make one. Get a string. Tie one end to the tip of a chopstick and the other to one of their toys or even a feather if you have one. Then let them chase or "hunt" it.

Cats love this game!


When giving your cat a toilet paper role make sure there is no paper on it. Just the simple roll will do.. If you want to make it twice as fun you could wedge a ball on one end and tape it there giving the roll a wobble that will drive your cat crazy.


This game is a bit messy but takes little time from you and worth it just to watch your cat take out every tissue one by one.


(When playing laser light make sure the laser never shines in their eyes!!! If that worries you a flash light can be substituted for the laser.).

Move the light across the floor and along the walls. This chase game is great fun for your cat and is also a good exercise for them as well.


This is an old fashion and self explanatory game. You throw the ball. It bounces. This is a simple way to get rid of unwanted cat behavior and it's big fun for kitty!


Yes your cat can even be entertained with a sock. Stuff it with cotton balls and catnip. Your cat will have a blast!


Slide an ice cube back and forth across your kitchen floor. You now have a game of feline ice hockey that he is guaranteed to win!


Simply place a few ping pong balls in an empty tub.

These are games your cat and you can enjoy together. Two or three play sessions a day, preferably at times when he tends to be most active will keep him happy and fit.

Have fun!

About the Author

Have a cat behavior problem that needs solving? If so, you'll want to visit today to get expert information on how to train your cat and eliminate cat problems quickly.


A Guide To The Beagle Dog Breed

By Darren Lintern

The Beagle is one of those breeds that will thrive off human affection. An extremely amiable creature that was initially bred as a pack hunter, the Beagle is an eager exploration searcher. The perfect fun time for this pet would be exploring and rummaging through wooded areas and forests. She utterly adores her owner and can make the ideal social home dog.

Training and Housebreaking Beagle Tips:

Learning how to train a Beagle doesn't take that long to get to grips with as this breed is a first-class house pet that remains calm and placid, particularly close to its family members. Although the Beagle will need a daily exercise routine to keep her active, content and calm, it doesn't take much, maybe 15 to 25 minutes of gentle exercise every day.

Take them for a long walk or a swift run through a safe spot in the forest. She especially enjoys scouting paths and other small trails. However, be certain not to take this breed of dog off her leash if she's has been confined inside for a long period. If she catches the sense of small animals along a trail, she is liable to scamper off and chase around for a while, typically if her energy reserves have built up from lack of activity.

An ideal option if you have a small child in the house, having a Beagle as a pet will make you happy and will never stop searching for means to delight you.

Beagle Health Problem Concerns:

Most Beagles can expect a lifespan of between 9 and 16 years but on occasion have minor health dilemma's to watch out for, such as hypothyroidism, chondrodysplasia, KCS, patellar luxation, glaucoma, epilepsy, and cherry eye.

If you're interested in getting a more detailed look at dog ownership, including a huge variety of detailed information on canine problem behaviors, dog psychology, and the most effective ways to train your dog, take a look at


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Dogs On Bonfire Night

By John M Williams

This time of year can be a worrying and confusing one for your dog, occurrences like bonfire night don't happen very often and that's what makes it a lot scarier for your dog or puppy.

Dogs do not like unfamiliarity's and all the flashes and sudden bangs can make your dog extremely scared and afraid of what is happening. Unfortunately there have been many cases of deaths on bonfire night over the last ten years so it's a must to keep an eye on your pet at this time of the year and any other similar time such as New Years Eve.

Accidents and injuries happen on bonfire night because of dogs or puppies being loose outside and the unfamiliar sounds and flashes causing them to go into a panic and running away from home, running into roads, or getting stuck in tight spaces trying to hide from the noises.

Fortunately, there are rules and advice that can be followed to prevent times like these and keep your dog in safe hands. To begin you will need to stop your pet being out at night and keep them reassured indoors and away from their outdoor home if they have one. This should be done from one week before the event to one week after the event so no fireworks before or after will scare them into trouble.

Make sure all the doors are locked and shut, if your dog sees an opening they will go for it if they become scared. Try to make a small sheltered area for your dog where they feel protected and in control, and cuddles and calmly playing with your pet may help your dog be less nervous and take their mind off the situation.

If it does escape, be calm and positive with them wile trying to get them back inside as quickly as possible, if all these rules are followed then everything should go to plan and you will be able to relax on bonfire night and not have to worry about your pet.

For more information on Dog Behavior Training take a look at


Dogs and Gardens - Enjoy Them Both!

By Joy Cagil

Our Newfoundland lived to be eighteen and was never a problem for our plants even though we gardened intensively; therefore, it was shocking to see a friend's garden wrecked by her tiny basset hound. We practiced organic gardening and our dog was innately sensitive to what was approved of him, but not all gardening practices are the same and neither are the behavior patterns of the pets.

Despite the beauty of the gardens and the docility of our dogs, we may sometimes find them to clash and make our lives bitter. Dogs have certain needs, their own personalities, and their instinctive curiosity for exploring and experiencing the things their owners do.

An unruly dog may need a fenced area away from a tended garden, whereas a tame dog will fit in the garden very well, not only enjoying it with his owners but also protecting it from harm. If the garden is not large enough for a separate playground for the dog, then the plant beds could be fenced off.

Raised beds for flowers also work well for curious dogs who like to become familiar with plants by chewing them. Quite a few plants are harmful to pets. If you have ever caught your dog chewing a plant, then do not plant harmful plants like crocus, yew, castor beans, hellebore, oleander, lily-of-the-valley or foxglove, and dig and eliminate the wild mushrooms if they appear.

Preferring trees and large bushes and pet-friendly plants is an option. In addition, staying away from thorny plants is a good idea, because they can cause eye injuries to the dogs. Before planting anything, you might consider referring to ASPCA's list of toxic and non-toxic plants.

Even with an obedient dog, you have to consider the dog's instinctual needs and take precautions accordingly. If you use mulch, choose mulch with pieces large enough that will not cling to the dog's hair. If you have a small yard, find and design a separate space with a marking post as a spot for the dog to relieve himself. Give the dog some space like a deck, an open porch, or a piece of lawn to sunbathe on and a shelter or some room in the shade to rest.

If your dog likes to dig, he needs his own digging area with soft uncovered sand or soil. If you find it difficult to restrain your dog's digging to his space, then mulch heavily around your prized plants and do not leave any open soil.

An important point to remember is to avoid leaving toxic chemicals and fertilizers around in places where your dog can gain entry easily. Put the toxic chemicals and sharp garden tools in a shed with a locked door or a container impossible for the dog to open. A healthy choice can be to practice organic gardening, which is beneficial to people and pets alike.

Not only the gardens can be made fit for dogs, but also, the dogs can be trained to fit the gardens. Spending time to train your dog will enhance your enjoyment of your garden and will strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Learn the difference between unwanted behavior and instinct, so you can have a splendid garden and a happy dog.

This article has been submitted in affiliation with http://www.PetLovers.Com/ which is a site for Pets. Joy Cagil is an author in

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How To Choose The Right Professional Pet Grooming Supplies

You like to groom your own cat or dog, and as such you need to purchase your own professional pet grooming supplies. However, with so many professional pet grooming supplies that are available, how do you find the one that's right for your pet? Luckily, when it comes to finding the right professional pet grooming supplies, there are a few things that you can look for.

Professional Pet Grooming Supply #1: Nail Clippers

If you have a cat that has not been declawed, or if you have a small dog that you do not take on walks very often, you will need to have a good pair of nail clippers. Get nail clippers that will not rust, and be sure that it comes with a cover. The size of the nail clippers can be small if they are small pets, but will have to be a bit larger for larger dogs.

Professional Pet Grooming Supply #2: Grooming Scissors

Now, you can't just use any kind of grooming scissors on your pet, because regular scissors can cause the coat to fray. Thus, it is important to select the grooming scissors in accordance with whatever kind of coat your pet has. Be sure to check the label so that you get the right pair.

Professional Pet Grooming Supply #3: The Brush

Now, many groomers might just think that a brush is a brush, and any kind of brush will suffice. However, this is not true, because several things need to be taken into account when it comes to selecting the right grooming brush.

First of all, what kind of coat does your cat or dog have? Choose the kind of brush that is best for the kind of coat that your pet has. For example, you would not want to use a paddle brush on an a curly coat if you want o keep those curls! Also, keep in mind that some pets, especially those that do not have a lot fur, are more sensitive to some kinds of brushes than others, so it is important that you choose a brush the is good for both the kind of skin as well as the kind of hair that your pet has.

For More Information

If you would like more information about the kind of professional pet grooming supplies there are to choose from, go to your local pet supply store and ask for assistance. Or, you can search the internet. With the proper research, you are sure to find the right professional pet grooming supplies.

About the Author:

John Mailer has written many articles about dogs and puppies and how to train them. His main business is as an internet marketer Pet Grooming Dog Food

Incoming - Discovering Nature With Bird Houses and Feeders

It is very important to have a bit of nature in your life every day, and putting bird houses, bird baths, and bird feeders is a great way to bring nature to you. Birds are naturally attracted to the colorful flowers that provide them with food and shelter. By adding additional food, water, and housing, the birds will truly love your garden and return to the garden for years, making it a permanent residence for some. The birds will especially flock to the extra food and shelter in the wintertime.
Water is very important to birds, and moving water sources and water features, bird bath are especially attractive to them. The simple act of laying a hose out in your yard and turning on a small stream of water will attract a variety of birds to your yard right away.
A great way to provide a source of non-moving water for the birds is to have a bird bath. Make sure you use a non-reflective surface because birds can be scared away by shiny objects. If you have a stone bird bath and your neighbor has one made of metal, you will quickly notice that all of the birds will be in your yard and not your neighbor's.
The combination of moving water and a bird bath is an even better way to attract birds. Specialty bird baths are made that slowly bubble water up in the center of the bath like a fountain. The water does not spray out from the bath, which would scare the birds, but it moves enough that the birds notice and are attracted to it. Many birds will be attracted to drink and play.
Pay close attention to the birds playing in the water. Watching them splash around can be a hilarious sight!
With all of the fun that the birds are having, they are going to want to move to your garden so that they can live by the water source. Providing several birdhouses over time will create housing for plenty of birds, no matter what their species or size. It is better to have too many houses so all of the birds that want to live there can, then to have just one or 2 houses for a large number of birds. This low supply and high demand condition will cause territory battles between the birds.
With water and housing in your garden, the last thing the birds need is a consistent source of food, which you can provide through plenty of bird feeders with several types of food. Different types of food will attract different types of birds. It is most important to have the feeders in the winter, since flowers in your garden in the spring and summer provide a natural food source. In the winter, your feeders can help keep the birds alive through the rough conditions.
It is natural for birds to come back to the same living and feeding areas each year. You'll notice the same birds year after year, with the addition of new birds all the time as well.
All of these birds eating can create a mess of bird droppings in your yard and garden. The best way to deal with this is to put the bath, feeders, flowers, and houses in the same area, so that the birds will mostly stay in that one section. By doing that, you can still watch them easily, but you won't have to clean up your entire yard or deck.
Keith Markensen explores the world of backyard landscape ideas and he shares his decades of landscape experience at where practical professional plant and landscaping advice is always online.

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Beta Fish Care Basics

By Julie Jones

The Beta Fish, also known as the Siamese Fighting Fish, is a popular, beautiful and inexpensive pet. It's hard to resist these stunning little jewels!

Beta fish are considered to be a relatively easy pet to own, but keep in mind that beta fish do have specific requirements to keep them comfortable, safe and healthy. Here are some beta fish basics to get you started.

The Beta fish's official name is Betta splendens. The Beta fish's natural coloring was originally much more drab than the intense colors that we see in pet shops today. Also in the wild the original beta fish sported much shorter fins.

The Beta fish originated in the hot, humid rice paddies of Asia. The Beta Fish developed a way to breathe oxygen directly from the air, using a lung-like "labyrinth" organ to survive as the rice paddies experienced drought.This way the bettas could still get air, while living in muddy, shrinking water holes and could survive until the rains returned.

Beta fish do not actually enjoy existing in tiny containers. Even though it's possible for Beta fish to survive in these harsh conditions, this ability was developed by the Beta fish as a means of survival rather than choice. It's much kinder to house your Beta fish in a 2.5 gallon tank or larger.

While it's not necessary to house your Beta fish in a 10 gallon fish tank, it is much more comfortable and your Beta fish will appreciate it. A larger fish tank, such as a ten gallon tank, will also provide you with a fun way to display your prized Beta by adding plantings and other appropriate touches to your fish tank.

Because the Beta originated in a warm climate, Betas do not enjoy being cold. Your Beta will most likely consider your home's room temperature too cold. We suggest investing in an inexpensive aquarium thermometer. A stick-on thermometer will do. You may want to consider placing a small heater in your Beta tank or placing your Beta's bowl in a warm area of your home. Your beta will sit clamped and lifeless in a huddle near the bottom of his tank when he is too cold. Beta's enjoy a water temperature in the mid 70 degrees.

The beta fish is commonly called the Samurai Fighting Fish because male Beta fish will attack each other and fight to the death. Never house male beta fish together. We also do not recommend placing a female Beta fish with your male Beta fish. It is very likely that your male beta will attack the female Beta as well, or possibly harass her to death.

Be aware that Beta fish are not recommended for community tanks. In a community tank the other fish will most likely nip at your Beta fish's long beautiful fins and injure them. If you do decide that you want some companion fish with your Beta, be sure to research which species will coexist peacefully before placing the other fish with your Beta.

Your Beta fish needs only 3 or 4 grains of food each day. It's best to feed your betta one grain of food at a time, several times a day. A Betas stomach is about the size of their eyeball. Too much food will give your Beta bloating pains, constipation, and possibly swim bladder issues (which is often deadly). Feed your Beta fish only special fish food made for bettas.

Betta fish are beautiful and interesting fish to own. Beta fish are intelligent and will quickly learn who their caregiver is. You will notice that your Beta fish will soon learn when you approach and become very excited! If you give your Beta fish the attention and care that he deserves, you will be rewarded with a stunning and interesting pet that is a pleasure to own.

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Selecting An Appropriate Pet Insurance Quote

By Wade Robins

The pet insurance is an offer made by the insurance companies to those people who own a pet and to those who plan to adopt a pet. The right insurance cover is the one that fits in financially and covers all the potential risks that might pertain to the rearing of your pet. To select an appropriate pet insurance that too of the right kind can be a tiresome job as there many insurance covers on offer these days. The acknowledgment of the need of insurance for your pet is the first step in the direction but be sure the next step is even harder as you go through the quote of pet insurance from different insurance companies, you tend to get lost and confused as each cover will appeal you in a different way. The things to keep in mind while going through the insurance quote are, first the affordability and second the provisions which takes cares of maximum possible risks for your pet. The pet insurance not only covers the medicals for the treatment of any ailment to your pets but also the accidents. There are insurance covers which cover life of the pets as well.

Apparent and Hidden Conditions in a Quote

The discounts are on offer on various types of pet insurance. The best insurance plan for your pet is the one that not only covers the medical intricacies of any ailments but also covers the hospitalization and medical expenses if the pet meets an accident. The insurance policy for the pet may also cover the third party type cover wherein the pet owner is not liable in case of any accident involves any stranger or any attack by the pet on someone's pet or someone in person. The lawsuits and penalties in such case may be very severe and heavy. There have been cases where the pet owners have been found guilty of carelessness and penalized with damages running into several thousand dollars.

Disparity and the differences in the insurance cover offered by different companies, needs to be scrutinized closely. One should read between the lines to get a clear picture and to understand the implications and provisions set about by the insurance companies in the cover. The exclusions are to be seen into more closely. There may be diseases which may not even get entertained in the scope of the insurance. There are other types of insurance covers as well, like the travel insurance for pets which allows you to insure your pet while traveling. The pets are seldom good travelers on artificial traveling modes; hence they are prone to getting sick. The sickness and their remedies can be covered under the insurance. The death during the traveling their getting lost in transit is also covered by the insurance cover. The insurance cover also provides provision for surgery and medication in case of accidents. The pet insurance is not an accessory but a necessity these days. You should cover all the pets under the pet insurance

You can also find more info on Pet Sitter Insurance and Travel Pet Insurance. is a comprehensive resource to know about pet insurance.


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Pet Supply – More Than Food Bowls

By: Ken Snoddy

Your pet supply may consist of a variety of items for a variety of pets. There are many different kinds of pets, and they all have unique needs and personalities. You may have more than one kind of pet, or unusual pets. Then you have an even bigger array of pet supply items.

The basics in pet supply needs are pretty obvious. No matter what kind of pet you have, you have to meet its basic needs. You have to have feed, and something to feed and water your pet out of. For dogs and cats, this chore has been made easier by pet supply manufacturers. You can now purchase large canisters with bowls attached to the bottoms. It is the same principal that made silos work, but on a smaller scale. But it cuts the work down for you so that you don't have to feed as often.

There are many places that you can get all of your pet supply needs. There are even stores that are dedicated solely to this purpose. These are great places to get items that you never even knew you needed. You know – those things that you've never heard of, but once you see them you buy them.

Farm supply stores can be a great place for your pet supply needs. Because these stores are usually based on wholesaling, they are often cheaper than other places. The downside is that you may have to buy larger quantities than you intended. But if you plan on keeping your pet, it may be worth it in the long run.

Online auction sites can be great places to buy some pet supply needs. For those items that you don't have to buy over and over and are higher priced items, this is a great way to get a bargain. As with other items on auction sites, these items may be a great deal if not many people bid on them. One thing that you need to remember is to check shipping prices. It may seem like a great deal until you add in shipping. Find all costs before buying.

Some of your pet supply needs can be found at any of your general retailers. Food, dishes, shampoos, and toys are a few of many items to be found. One thing that you need to make sure you buy with dogs or cats is a collar. Make sure that you keep current tags on your pets. These are your best chance for recovering a lost pet, and therefore one of the most important things on your pet supply list.

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Choosing A Dog Food Or Cat Food

By Elyse Grau

Feeding a high quality dog or cat food will add years to your pet's life and reduce the chances of developing many common health problems. This article will help you identify and choose the best diet for your furry companion.

How do you know what dog/cat food is right? For many the choice is a homemade diet. If you have the time and the resources, I agree that this is the preferred way to go. This is usually the best, and occasionally the only choice for animals with multiple food allergies. The choice is yours whether to go cooked or raw, with bones or without.

Basically, a homemade diet should consist of 40-60% meat for dogs, 60%-90% for cats, 20-50% vegetables (dogs, or 10%-40% for cats), and the rest, optionally, grains. The choice within each category is vast, and depends on your budget, availability, and what the dog or cat prefers. Often allergies to certain foods will determine the diet.

Each dog and cat is unique and what is best for one may not work well for another. Feeding a variety of foods is the best way to provide all or most of the nutrients that your pet needs.

A good quality multi-vitamin and calcium supplements will help make sure the diet is complete. Because it can be tricky to get the right balance of calcium and phosphorus when making your own pet food, you will need to add a calcium supplement.

If you like the idea of homemade pet food, but lack the time, there are pre-mixes available, or complete ready-to-serve meals. Pre-mixes come freeze-dried, dehydrated or frozen. Usually they are grain and vegetable mixes, along with some supplements such as calcium, to which you add the meat. Ground meats, sometimes with bone, are also available where pet foods are sold. You can then add your own vegetables and/or grains if you so desire.

Complete raw-foods diets are also sold as frozen, dry or freeze-dried. Some areas may have local entrepreneurs who make and sell these diets fresh. They may also custom make meals to your pets specifications.

If you prefer to feed a commercial product, choose one of the many premium dog foods now available. though the cost may be higher than grocery store brands, what you save in vet bills will more than make up for the difference.

Whether to feed canned or dry pet food will depend on you and your dog or cat. Canned food is usually more expensive, kibble is more convenient. Pets usually prefer canned foods and some need the softer, wetter consistency. Canned pet foods generally contain higher quality proteins than dry pet food, and a higher percentage of protein and fat. The higher moisture content of canned foods can be beneficial to dogs and cats with kidney or urinary tract problems. Dry pet foods contain more preservatives. Some people choose to use both.

The most important criteria in choosing a pet food is the list of ingredients. Whole meats are always better then meat meals, and meat meals are preferable to by-products. Single source meals, such as "beef meal" or "chicken meal" are more wholesome than those marked simple "meat" or "poultry" meals. Single source meals contain the muscle meat from that animal, along with accompanying tissues, such as nerves, blood vessels and skin. Generic meals may contain other organ tissues and fatty tissue. By-product meal is a catch-all term for anything that doesn't fit the other meal definitions - avoid these at all costs!

Look for the meat source (or sources) to be listed first on the label. If grains are included (which they always are in kibbles), they should be whole grains, rather than fractions, such as wheat bran, brewer's rice, etc. Watch out for multiple listings of grains, they may add up to be more than the meat portion!

Avoid foods containing artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Colors are added for your benefit, not to appeal to dogs. Artificial flavors are added to enhance palatability or cover up off tastes of poorer quality ingredients. Premium dog foods can be found in most natural or health food stores and pet supply stores. If you are unable to find a satisfactory dog food in stores near you, many of them can be found on the internet.

Elyse is the founder of The Original Dog Biscuit Company. She has extended knowledge of pet nutrition and feeding, as well as practical experience in the raising of cats, dogs and other animals. She is a herbalist, specializing in animals. Read more of her articles at:

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Pet Insurance May Save Your Dog's Life

By Valerie Goettsch

Our dogs are a treasured part of our family. They give us unconditional love and companionship and we give them affection, attention and the best of care. But what do we do when our beloved pet gets sick or hurt and we're hit with a $5,000 vet bill? We want the best veterinary care for them, but the average person cannot afford to cover huge vet bills. That's where pet health insurance can help.

As pet owners, we know vet bills can add up dramatically. My dog's broken toe cost nearly $600! It would be nice to have peace of mind that in the event your dog becomes ill or injured you can pay for its care. Pet insurance can a helpful way to budget vet expenses. It can allow you to make medical decisions for your dog based on its health care needs, not money.

More and more people are turning to pet insurance policies to help protect them from unexpected vet costs. Technically, pet insurance is property insurance. Usually plans have premiums with deductibles and co-payments, and most have benefit limits. Policies can vary in whether they cover preventive care and pre-existing conditions. Yearly premiums can vary widely, from around $200 a year to over $400, depending on the breed and age of the dog and where the owner lives.

What Does Pet Health Insurance Cover? The purpose of pet insurance is to cover major medical bills. Pet insurance plans typically cover first-time illnesses, foreign body ingestion or poison ingestion, auto accident, bone fractures, lacerations, burns, allergic reactions to insect bites or stings, and sometimes recovery costs in the event your dog gets lost.

According to the Veterinary Pet Insurance Company, the top insurance claims for dogs are skin allergies, ear infections, upset stomachs, bladder infections, benign tumors, arthritis, sprains, eye infections, enteritis (inflammation of the intestinal tract), and hypothyroidism.

In the past, pet owners were forced to make difficult decisions about their ill or injured pets; some felt they had no choice but to put their dog to sleep because they couldn't afford expensive surgery. Today we have alternatives like pet health insurance plans—and advances in veterinary medicine—to help us save or extend the lives of our four legged friends.

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