Friday, November 26, 2010

Names For Black and White Dogs

By Dennis Estrada

Several pure breeds only grow black with white markings fur or vice versa. We will look at the breeds to find the most appropriate dog names. Here are some ideas for the remarkable and beautiful breeds.

The breeds that may grow only black and white fur are Bearded Collie, Border Collie, Boston Terrier, Bull Terrier, Dalmatian, Karelian Bear Dog, Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Polish Owczarek Nizinny, and Portuguese Water Dog.

Bandit, Batman, Butler, Checkers, Dominos, Ninja, Oreo, Panda, Punisher, Superman, Tux, Tuxedo, Zebra, Zorro are possible best dog names which relates to black and white dog.

Panda and Zebra may also be good dog names, because the breed mimics the black and white markings of Panda and Zebra. The names may sound a little strange to call the dog as Panda and Zebra at first, because a dog is also another kind of animal.

Bandit is perfect name for predominant white face with black marks. It is like the breed is wearing a black mask. For example, Border Collie and Bull Terrier may have white face with black marks.

Checkers and Dominos are one of the classic games. Since the tiles or boards of the game are black and white, several owners use Checkers and Dominos as cute dog names. Traditionally, the Checkers are played in black and white checker board.

In Dominos, the players use rectangle tiles in white or black. If the tile is white, black spots appear on tile. If the tile is black, white spot appears on the tile.

Like the domino set, the Dalmatian grows majority white with black spots fur all over. That is why owners like the name to relate to spot. For example, Spot, Spotty, and Spot Fletcher are excellent English dog names for Dalmatian breed. The Former President George W. Bush named his English Springer Spaniel as Spot Fletcher. He coined the name from Scott Fletcher who was a professional baseball player.

A Ninja wears black or white suit. Therefore, Ninja can be an excellent name. Ninjas are expert in Ninjitsu which is Japanese martial arts. Often, Ninjas were paid to sabotage and espionage.

In formal event, men usually wears black suit called Tux or Tuxedo. Behind the Tuxedo, the men usually wear a white shirt. Thus, Tux and Tuxedo are options for names.

Butler often wears black Tuxedo and white shirt as a uniform. Butler is a male servant of a house. He may be in charge of several servants.

Hancock, Punisher, and Zorro are brave dog names which are the names of superheroes. They were black and white suit to hide their identities. Sometimes, Batman, Spiderman, and Superman wears black and white suit as well. Hancock is a superhero who possesses a super strength, immortal life, and flying ability. He losses his powers when he gets too close to his immortal wife.

Punisher is a vigilante superhero who kills, kidnaps, extorts, forces, and tortures as a tactics to fight crime. He became vigilante when gangs killed his family. With martial arts, sneaky tactics, guerrilla warfare, and strong firearms, he single-handedly fights the mobs and criminals.

Zorro is an outlaw who uses the sword to depend the people from abusive officials and villains. Zorro wears mostly black except for white long sleeve shirt. The hat, mask, pants, belt, boots, gloves, and cape are black. Nowadays, he wears black long sleeve shirt instead of white long sleeve shirt. He rides a black horse named Tornado.

Finally, Oreo is delicious snack which is a two black cookie with white cream in the middle. By dipping the snack in milk, the cookie softens, dissolves, and melts faster in your mouth.

These are great name ideas for black and white dog. We continue to gather and create name ideas for the breed. If you have name ideas, feel free to suggest. We will try our best to add in our database.

Dennis Estrada owns and operates good dog names and brave dog names website as a hobby.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gerbil Cages

By Derrick R Anderson

When you are thinking of purchasing a cage for your pet gerbil the cage has to be lively and interesting. The cages are the main place where in these pets eat, play, and sleep. Your decision is really essential. One wrong decision can completely ruin the gerbil's life. A small cage will not allow them to have sufficient space for stretching and fun.

Size of the Cage:

Always keep one thing in mind that gerbils are a completely social animals. They require enough space to enjoy, burrow, move around, and run here and there. The American Gerbil society recommends 5 gallons of space available in the gerbil cages. This acts as a thumb rule. There is no problem in going for a bit of a larger cage but you need to keep it neat and clean. In case you wish to purchase more gerbils in future, you will have to expand your gerbil cage by adding some more slabs or, simply, getting more cages.

Accessories for Gerbil Cages:

All the essential accessories must be included in the gerbil cage. The water dish is a must and should always be present in the cage so that your pet can satisfy his or her thirst whenever it feels like. The addition of a nest box and a sand bath is, also, important so that the gerbil can enjoy and play as much as the pet wants. These things will offer enough space for the gerbil to secrete waste, bath and nest around.

Gerbils love to chew on something or another all day long. Thus, give them toys inside the cage but these toys must not be dangerous in any sense. You can place things such as toilet paper rolls, tissue paper and hay. You can add cardboard boxes in the gerbil cages if possible. Try to construct 2 or more levels inside the dwelling. This construction will permit the gerbils to jump and play.

To keep your gerbil safe see our selection of gerbil cages. To keep your other small pets protected try one of our guinea pig cages.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An Environment Friendly Flea Trap Is One of the Best Ways to Get Rid of Fleas

By Clive Anderson

Fleas do not discriminate and choose who does or does not get the pleasure of their uninvited company. It really does not matter to them too much if you vacuum every day twice a day, if you have an infestation you really do some extra aids in getting rid of fleas in your home. By using a flea trap you can make a very positive start in removing the little critters really quickly.

We all have the environment and its interests at heart so to be able to use a flea trap safely and efficiently knowing that the only problem it will cause is to the fleas that you are desperate to be rid of, is just fantastic. They really are perfect in this respect as you can control and monitor any infestation without danger to you, your kids, pets or your surroundings, just perfect.

To understand why these hopping pests are such a challenge to remove from your home, it may be a help to just explain how and why they are so tricky. Basically, they have a four stage life cycle which involves egg, larva, pupa and adult.

To survive they need a number of factors to be just right for them but, they are very resilient and the most important thing for them is food. Unfortunately for us, our dogs, cats, rabbits or chickens we are all prime targets providing a tasty blood meal. Once the female has had a good munch on any one of us she will lay between 45 to 50 eggs per day.

The eggs once laid, hatch into larva and the larva develop into the adult. The adult can remain in a sleep like state within a cocoon until the likely hood of a meal is imminent. They detect heat, vibration and CO2 (which us warm blooded creatures give off) and to them it means only one thing and that is dinner.

So, because of this sort of semi hibernation, you will often find that spring is a bad time for an infestation. Worse still they will also lay in wait for you to come back from your vacation and hop immediately into life once they realise you are there and dinner is about to be served.

As gross as this may all sound, if you use the right approach to destroying the little beasts, you really can deal with them easily. The key factors are to kill the egg laying adults and prevent the development of the eggs and larva. To do this you really need your plan of attack to be two fold.

By treating your pets, their bedding and of course your home, you can have your house and animals flea free before you know it. The flea trap itself is such a brilliant bit of kit. It works by pretending to be something nice for them to eat and they are lured into thinking that the warmth and vibrations given off will reward them with a meal. Oh shame, just how wrong can a flea be? Just fantastic to see so many of them in the trap and not bothering you that is for sure.

Now you know the best way to approach flea infestations in the house - wouldn't you like to see the best flea traps that there are for getting rid of fleas? The Get Rid of Fleas site has an impressive selection of all the latest flea traps currently available. You can get a better picture and say goodbye to fleas for good by going to=>

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