Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Shopping Tips for Buying Litter Trays for Your Cats

By Imma Sila

When shopping for your pet, you will realize the different options available when it comes to everything from food to toys and other accessories. It is important to take the time to research the options so that you can get the best products for your pets.

Whether you have one cat or several, you know that the pets can be very choosy and if they do not like the items you give them, they will go unused. Buying the right litter trays will help to make you and your pets happy.

Consider the design

If the cat does not like the design of the tray, you can be sure that using it will be a problem. There are many designs available with some that have hoods and others without hoods.

You can use the tray with and without a hood and see which one the cat prefers. If you decide to get a hooded tray, make sure that you secure the lid on the box after use. The hood falling off while the cat is using it can scare him off it for good.

Consider the maintenance

Most people prefer trays that are easy to clean and the plastic open trays are a good option. They are also quite durable and they offer more ventilation. A trashcan will come in handy to scoop the waste. You can get a lidded can that comes complete with a foot pedal, leaving your hands free to work. You should line the can using a plastic trash bag and be sure to seal the bag and replace it when it is full or when it starts to smell.

Choosing a good size

When you are shopping for a litter box, look for a tray that is a good size for your cat. The cat needs to be able to move or maneuver comfortably and if the box is too small, you will have to deal with "spray" outside the box.

Trays that are large and have high sides will help to make sure comfort and keep the litter inside the box. Some cats find it difficult entering or exiting boxes that have high sides and it may be necessary to cut an opening.

You should avoid changing boxes abruptly to avoid disorienting the cat. If you buy a new one, you should not remove the old one until the cat gets used to it. Consider the location of the litter box and the type of litter you use when choosing the best type.

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