Thursday, May 7, 2015

How to Correct Bad Behavior in Cats

By Becky Cohen

Correcting bad behavior in cats is very important. You need to fix the cat's bad behavior before the problem becomes so bad that both you and your cat are stressed out. First you need to understand what is causing the bad behavior in your cat. It could simply be aging and transitioning (like puberty in people). However, you need to check and see if anything has recently changed with your cat to set off the unwanted actions. Did you move? New addition to the family? If something like this is the culprit, it may just take time for your cat to adjust. Your cat may have had this behavior from a young kitten in which case it will have to be untrained.

Most importantly, you need to make sure that your cat is not acting out due to any health issues. If it is something that has just started occurring, your cat may have something wrong with it. Whatever the cause, despite the beliefs of most people, you can train cats to be obedient. They can be taught to stay off the counters, out of the trash, stop biting and clawing, etc. Most of correcting the bad behavior in cats comes with understanding what is causing it.

Reprimanding the cat is not the best way to go about solving the problem. If you want to correct bad behavior in cats you need to either correct what is causing them to act out or you can reward them when they are good. If they associate the desired behavior with a treat or reward, they will be more likely to continue that behavior. Reprimanding your cat does not correct the problem, but teach the cat to hide better and continue doing the same act.

One resource that is very helpful is cat training books. They can be found all over the internet as well as in pet stores. These books will teach you the correct way to fix the bad behavior in cats.

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