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Pet Accessories For Pet Travel

By Ken Geers

There are a number of reasons why people purchase SUV accessories. For many, these accessories are purchased for cosmetics reasons. That is, they are purchased to improve the look of the SUV. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this at all. After all, who would not want their SUV to look good? Then, there are those who purchase accessories for functional purposes such as a hitch mount cargo carrier. Now, if you were to ask the average person what else is included under the category of function, there is one category most people do not think of. That category is "pet safety" accessories.

While some may scoff at the notion of maintaining a dog's safety while driving, this is not a category that is unserious. If a driver is transporting a pet, the driver has the responsibility to maintain the safety of the pet. This is not only a matter of being a responsible pet owner. It is a matter of being a safe driver. If a pet is not properly contained then it can represent a hazard to the owner and other drivers on the road. SUV accessories for pets are far from vanity items. They are critical to maintaining driving safety.

Specifically, there are a number of pet guards, nets, and barriers that can be installed in the cargo area of a SUV. These guards generally restrict a dog's movements to the cargo area and keep it from distracting the driver. This greatly helps to avoid any mishaps while allowing the dog the ability to move about freely in the rear area. The latter aspect of these SUV accessories is one of the best aspects to these guards. They do not restrict the dog in any inhumane manner. No, there is no reason to strap a dog down and make it restrictively uncomfortable. These pet guards maintain both the safety and comfort of the animal. That is a tough combo to top!

Pet guards are not the only SUV accessories that can be employed to avoid any problems transporting you dog. There is also the "pet hammock" which can be affixed to the rear seating of the SUV. As its name would imply, a pet hammock is the same thing as a "human" hammock. Dogs safely rest in the hammock while the SUV is moving. Of course, the pet hammock also comes with safety features that restrict the dog's movement to maintain safety. So, yes, a pet hammock eliminates any dangers or distractions the dog might cause. If, however, you wish to play it safer there is also the option of using a pet stowaway accessory. This is a variant on the classic pet carriage but it is designed in a much, more comfortable manner. Yet, despite the elevated comfort of the pet stowaway, safety is never compromised.

Plan for your pet's comfort before travel and enjoy the ride. Pet accessories for Pet Travel at

Pet-Friendly Places to Stay in Flagstaff, AZ

If you are traveling to Sedona and the Grand Canyon area with your pets, here are some pet-friendly hotels in the Flagstaff area who will welcome your furry friends while you are enjoying this scenic and popular travel destination.

The following hotels welcome canine and feline companions - some charge an additional fee. Call to confirm their policies and fees.

Ramada Limited - Flagstaff - Pets allowed for a $10.00 add'l fee for each pet. Other amenities include swimming pool, free high speed internet, and free continental breakfast - (928) 779-3614.

Quality Inn - Inside entrances. Pets welcome - free wireless high-speed internet, pool and free HBO. 928-774-8771.

Residence Inn by Marriott, Flagstaff - Pets allowed with extra cleaning fee. Suite-type accommodations with fully equipped kitchen. Buffet breakfast served daily. (928) 526-5555

La Quinta - Conveniently located across from Northern Arizona University. Fitness center, outdoor seasonal pool, free high speed internet access, free continental breakfast-pets welcome (928 ) 556-8666.

Comfort Inn, Flagstaff - Pets are welcome for a modest fee. Other features include business center, free high speed internet, free continental breakfast, outdoor pool, whirlpool and hot tub (800) 490-6562.

AmeriSuites, Flagstaff - fitness center, indoor pool, whirlpool, free hot breakfast and free high speed internet. Pet friendly - $10.00 per pet per night.

Sleep Inn, Flagstaff - Pet friendly, free continental breakfast, free wireless internet, heated pool and spa. ( 928) 556-3000

Super 8, Flagstaff - Pets allowed - $10.00 per pet per night. High speed internet, and free continental breakfast. (928) 526-0818.

Contact the hotels for further information and to confirm amenities. Hotel policies are subject to change without notice.

For additional information about Arizona travel - things to do and places to see, go to

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Pet Friendly Hotels in San Francisco

If you are one of pets' fans, perhaps you will consider reading this. How often do we find ourselves in embarrassing and humiliating situations when it comes to pets? We take every day lives and events. For example, when walking the dog, we often find ourselves in trouble over our pet's habits of 'marking their territory.' Now, let us have a change in scenario where you are on a holiday and you are forced to have your pet tag along, due to unforeseen circumstances. Now, that would be something, would not it? Fret now, if you happen to be in that part of the US, there is Pet Friendly Hotels in San Francisco that will see to your requirements for a small fee.

When pets, especially dogs are mentioned, a certain woman celebrity comes to mind. She is often seen with her pet Chihuahua in the public. Today, I will share with all you lovely people a list of Pet-Friendly hotels in San Francisco. I hope that this would prove to be useful.

*Please note that all listings of rates are correct at time of article publishing. It is subject to changes by the said hotels' management.

Here is a brief list of the many hotels, its room rates and fees for pets, the limits of the pets, services (if any) and so on:

Mandarin Oriental Hotel - A 5-star hotel with rooms starting from $285 per night and charges a pet fee of $25 per night. It has a limit of 25lbs for pets.

The San Francisco - A 4-star hotel with rooms starting from $148 per night and gives surprises as well. They allow dogs less than 30lbs but no cats allowed. A pet cleaning fee of $75 is charged.

Pan Pacific Hotel - San Francisco - This 4-star hotel has available rooms from $147 per night. A $75 one-time fee is charged for pets with a maximum total weight of 25lbs. There are also pet-sitting services offered. Please inquire at the hotel's concierge.

W San Francisco - A 4-star hotel with available rooms from $189 per night. They charge $25 per night for pets, which does not include another one time cleaning fee of $100. This hotel offers many pet services such as toys, treats, bedding, dog walking, dog sitting and many more.

La Quinta Inn San Francisco - A 3-star hotel have rooms available from $83 per night. Dogs and cats are both allowed with a total weight of 50 pounds. This service is complimentary to hotel guests; no fees or deposit required for guests' pets.

This is but some of the many available options in San Francisco in regards to Pet Friendly hotels in San Francisco. To avoid disappointment especially during peak seasons, kindly contact the respective hotels for more information and bookings.

Ian Pennington is an accomplished niche website developer and author. To learn more about pet friendly hotels, please visit Newest Pet Hotels for current articles and discussions.

Pet Vacations in Cancun - Hotels For Your Pets

Going to Cancun? Don't leave your pet at home. Cancun offers many hotels that will welcome your pet. The recently renovated five star ME Cancun resort is the number one pet friendly hotel in Cancun. The resort which is located on the beach offers a host of amenities which include three restaurants, a bar, a cocktail lounge, three pools (one is for adults only), a spa, fitness center and a babysitting service so you can even bring the kids. Feel like staying in? ME Cancun's rooms offer private jacuzzis, preprogrammed Ipods and plasma tv's. ME Cancun is only ten minutes away from downtown Cancun. With prices starting as low as $119 per night, ME Cancun is a great place to vacation with a small pet.

The four star Westin Resort and Spa in Cancun is another popular pet friendly hotel in Cancun. The six floor hotel with 379 rooms overlooks the Caribbean Sea and is a great place for parasailing and waterskiing. The hotel also has five outdoor swimming pools. The hotel restaurants feature Mexican, Italian and international cuisines. The Westin Resort and Spa is in close proximity to the Robert Trenton Jones Jr. Golf course. Ocean view rooms are available for as low as $104.30 per night.

With four stars Le Meridien Cancun Resort and Spa is another pet friendly hotel in Cancun. Le Meridien has 213 rooms and 26 suites with ocean view and is the perfect spot for outdoor water sports. The resort has a world class spa and two restaurants; one offering Latin cuisine and the other Caribbean. Le Meridien also features reasonably priced family rooms. Superior room rates start as low as $160 per night.

Looking for a hotel that will not only allow pets but will allow children under 12 to stay for free? Then Holiday Inn Arenas in Cancun has exactly what you are looking for! You are guaranteed a room with a view since each room features a balcony that will face either the Caribbean or the Nichupte lagoon. This three star five floor pet friendly hotel in Cancun has 214 rooms and features a swimming pool and fitness facility. The hotel borders a walking path that will take you directly downtown to many of Cancun's attractions. Holiday Inn Arenas also gives you the option of all inclusive rates which include room, meals and beverages or room only rates. Standard rooms may be had for as little as $82.51 per night.

Whether your budget is five star or limited there are many pet friendly hotels in Cancun. Please be advised that most hotels that allow pets will require a small non-refundable pet deposit in addition to the normal room rate. It is advised to call ahead to inquire about the deposit and any other pet type and size stipulations.

Wendy Pan is an accomplished niche website developer and author. To learn more about pet friendly hotels, please visit The Best Pet Friendly Hotels for current articles and discussions.

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Which Dog Bowl Does My Puppy Need?

New puppy? Wondering which is the best bowl to put puppy's food and water in?

The most important consideration is that your puppy's dog and food bowls are indestructible. If you leave puppy for any period of time, water should always be available. Puppies will chew, and if they chew their water bowl they can be left without water. Broken pieces of plastic could also be ingested, causing harm to puppy.

A stainless steel, enamelled steel or ceramic water bowl is the best bet as none of these can be chewed up by puppy. Of these, a ceramic bowl is heaviest and if designed well, will be difficult to tip over accidentally. Ceramic bowls do tend to dry out faster on a hot day, so make sure you have more than one water bowl available outside. Keeping a bowl in a shaded place will slow down evaporation.

Some pet stores stock self-filling water bowls. These are a good investment for dogs kept outdoors during summer, particularly if they are left alone for a working day. Just take care that pup won't chew through the water hose which fills these bowls.

Always have separate food and water bowls. They are easier to keep clean this way, and pup will not be left without water while feeding.

A handy tip for new puppy owners, never leave a bowl of food out for puppy. What is not eaten in 5 minutes should be emptied from the bowl and stored for later. Nothing teaches pup to be a fussy eater like free access to food all day.

Aidan Bindoff is Editor of, a free resource for people training their own dogs.

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Large Dog Crates

By Max Bellamy

How will I know what dog crates to purchase? What are the features of good dog crates? These have been the questions bogging the minds of dog owners.

A dog crate should have the following features. It should be made from a strong, coated nylon mesh fabric that is virtually indestructible. All fabric should be water resistant. Light color crates are best to keep your pet cool. It has to have reinforced corners and connection points with a durable, zippered escaper-proof door. D ring loop should allow for padlock use with two poles inserted for fast set up and knock down. These poles should be stored in the pocket or in the bottom for easy and secure transport and should be available in a variety of sizes.

Other features include easy portability so it should fold like a suitcase with safe and secure bolt latches. It should be made of tough and easy to clean ABS plastic pan with independent pan stop that allows pan removal with closed doors. Lastly, its handles should be made of a comfortable plastic.

Some tips for crate use are as follows. When telling your dog to use his crate, use such commands such as "kennel" to get the dog accustomed to using his crate. Give him meals or treats in the crate and leave the crate's door open. Place some washable bedding and toys in the crate to make the dog more comfortable.

When making use of the crate to discipline the dog or stop unacceptable behavior patterns, limit the incarceration or grounding of the dog from ten to fifteen minutes. When the dog soils the crate, don't scold and get mad at the dog. Instead, make arrangements for him to be left by his lonesome for long periods of time.

By following these hints, you and your dog can live together in harmony.

Dog Crates provides detailed information on Dog Crates, Dog Crate Training, Soft Dog Crates, Large Dog Crates and more. Dog Crates is affiliated with Patio Dog Doors.

Guide To Crate Training a New Dog or Young Puppy

By Kelly Marshall

Crate training is one of the best possible things that you can do for your puppy. Not only will the puppy be easier to housetrain but overall you will have a happier, more secure dog that has his or her own place to sleep and stay both when you are home and when you are away. Crate training is also an asset when you plan to travel with your dog or puppy. Crate training keeps the animal calm on airplanes and also keeps you pet safe when driving. Crates can be attached to seats by seatbelts and harnesses similar to how children's car seats are fastened into the car. Just like car seats they prevent injury to the dog in the case of a sudden stop or an accident.

Crate training does not happen overnight, and does require both work and attention by the owner. Crate training should never be used as a punishment for a mistake or a bad behavior, or the dog or puppy will see the crate as a bad place and this will defeat the whole purpose of the training. To start the crate training in the most positive way start very slowly and only progress at the rate the puppy is comfortable with.

Picking The Right Size Crate

Depending on how large your puppy will get it will usually make sense to buy the size that will fit the full sized dog rather than having to buy multiple crates as your puppy grows. It is important, however, if the puppy is small and the crate is larger that you limit the space in the crate for the small puppy or he or she will simply use one end for the bathroom and one end as the "den". To make a large crate smaller a mesh screen or piece of wood can be used and then slide to give more room as the puppy matures. When necessary it can be completely removed to give the older dog full use of the crate area.

The idea size of crate, or crate area, is about the length of the dog when it is down, paws extended. Most crates come in standard widths that will allow small dogs to really stretch out but may require larger dogs to sleep in a coiled position. Dogs should be able to stand up comfortably in the crate without the top of the crate pressing on their head or shoulders.

Giant or very large breeds of dogs will generally outgrow most commercial crates before they completely mature. Some specially made crates for large breeds are available on the internet and through breed associations or even pet stores.

Getting Started

Getting started means just familiarizing the puppy with the crate. Make sure the crate is the correct size and that there is comfortable bedding in the crate. Start by sitting with the puppy in front of the open crate. Place a treat, with the puppy seeing the placement, into the very front of the crate. When the puppy reaches in to get the treat say "Crate" and the puppy's name, just once. Allow the puppy to take the treat out of the crate, and do not close the door. Do not try to keep the puppy in the crate longer and make no comment when the puppy exits the crate. Next time repeat the process putting the treat in far enough the puppy must step in completely. Again, when approaching the crate say "Crate" and the puppy's name, and then say "Good Dog" and the puppy's name when they are in the crate. Allow them to exit when they want and ignore the exiting behavior.

Gradually feed a few treats through the side of the crate to encourage the puppy to stay. Always allow him or her to exit when they want, but only praise the going in behavior, never the coming out!

Within a few days the puppy will be comfortable in the crate for a few minutes. Try closing the door but only for a minute at a time, staying right beside the crate. With the puppy's comfort level leave the crate door closed for longer periods and begin to move away for a few seconds, gradually lengthening the time.

Never return and open the crate when the puppy starts to whine or bark, as this will encourage this behavior. Wait until the puppy is quiet before taking him or her out of the crate. Never leave a puppy in the crate for more than 2 to 4 hours at a time, especially when they are small and are not yet housetrained.

Final tip: For your dog to enjoy time in the crate, it needs to be comfortable. Pick up a crate pad or crate mat, and the training will be much easier.

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Dog Crates - A Dog Owning Essential

Every dog needs a room of their own to relax and feel secure in. Most often this is a dog crate or kennel. Usually made of metal, wire or plastic it is important to have one that fits your dog.

You want a crate that is large enough so they don't have to duck their head when entering and they can turn themselves around in. Anything bigger and they make a mess relieving themselves in one corner and sleeping in the other. It is possible to get a large one and with dividers and let it grow with your pup.

Now you may think putting your dog in a crate is inhumane and may cause your new furry friend to resent you, but that is simply not the case. Your dog will see the crate as his own room, his security blanket. The crate helps to satisfy the "den instinct" inherited from his den-dwelling ancestors and relatives. Once accustomed to the crate your buddy will feel secure, not frustrated. After all he wants to make you happy and you want to have fun with him.

Besides being a secure place for your dog to rest, these are a great tool for housebreaking. The close confinement will encourage your pup to wait to go until they are taken outside because dogs naturally avoid soiling their den.

They also have many other advantages. You can leave your dog alone and not worry about him destroying things or relieving himself in the house. You can travel in the car safely without worrying about how you are going to get him out from under the seat when you stop. Your pup will have a safe and secure place to go when he is stressed or wants to relax. And because of this security you will be able to take your pooch with you more often for overnight stays rather than leaving him home alone. A dog crate is an essential once you decide to become a dog owner.

Dog crates can be purchased at pet stores, discount department stores and even online. Again it is important to get the right size for your dog to be comfortable. You can place a crate pad or old blanket on the floor of it for bedding. Depending on size and material a new crate may cost anywhere between $40-$400 dollars which is a bargain when you consider the cost of replacing furniture, woodwork and carpeting that would otherwise be destroyed.

Once you purchase a dog crate for your pup it is necessary to place it in the right place to encourage your dog to use it. These are social animals so put it in the room where everyone is the most. In the living room it can even be uses as an extra end table or shelf. At night you can move the crate into your bedroom so you can hear if they have to go out during the night. If you are worried about it being an eyesore don't worry because they are available in materials and styles to look more like furniture. Guests won't even know that new wood end table is really a dog crate. Make your dog and yourself happy with one in your home.

Author Jennifer Akre is an owner of different niche online stores that offer wonderful specialty items. Here, she offers advice on how to make your home more dog friendly with comfortable dog beds, durable dog houses, and classic dog furniture.

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Finding Pet Friendly Bed and Breakfast Inns

Pet owners often have problems when they decide to take a last minute week end breaks. It may not be feasible to leave their pets behind, or they may feel that their pets need breaks too! Many people, who feel family holidays are incomplete without their pets, do not want to do so either. However, nowadays it may be possible to plan an impromptu holiday to a scenic locale, and a picturesque bed and breakfast. Pet friendly establishments in small places make it possible to go on a holiday with one's pets.

Fortunately, more and more popular holiday destinations offer value for money bed and breakfast, pet friendly too! The numerous websites on the Internet that are devoted to the needs of pets and their owners have names and addresses of bed and breakfast pet friendly inns. However, these may have some limitations regarding the number of pets they can accommodate at a time. They may even have some restrictions on the kind of pet and its size. Some allow only well behaved dogs on their premises.

How to Ensure that Stay at a Bed And Breakfast Pet Friendly Inn is Feasible

Once the decision has been made to go on a trip, and the bed and breakfast selected, it is a good idea to phone in advance and make sure that the chosen bed and breakfast, pet friendly according to its website can confirm that accommodation for pets is available on your chosen day. There may be accommodation for the family, but no place for the pet. It is also advisable to know if they have any restrictions as to the size and type of pet allowed.

A typical bed and breakfast, pet friendly or otherwise has a restful and intimate atmosphere, quite unlike a hotel or resort. Well behaved pets may be welcome, but owners will have to ensure that the dogs are house trained and have not got disoriented because of the road journey to a new place. They should not disturb other guests, or cause any destruction. Bed and breakfast pet friendly establishments may have certain areas where the pets cannot go. The pet owner has to ensure that these ground rules are obeyed.

Many bed and breakfast pet friendly establishments do not levy extra charges for four legged guests. Others may ask for a refundable deposit to safeguard against any accidents. Some even charge extra per night for pets. Many owners however feel this is a small price to pay for the joy of taking pets on holiday.

Caroline Bourke is a full time beauty therapist in Florida. Check out these great Pet Vacation resources and articles or the more general Pets advice and info.

Inexpensive Dog Crates and Dog Bed Ideas

By Caroline Miller

Have you ever considered buying your pet a great dog crate but weren't sure what to put into it or didn't know what size you should get? Well this is for you.

Dog crates are very handy if you need to keep your pet in one place while you are at work or have gone out. They are useful if you don't want your pet wandering around or if you have dog allergies and want to minimize your exposure. But to make a truly good dog crate for your pal to sleep in you need to add the right amount of care and love into it. What this means is for you to add your own personal touch to it and to add little bits of comfort so that your pet will actually want to go in there.

The best way to add comfort is to add something soft and comfortable to the crate for your pet to sleep on. Most dogs usually sleep through the day and being in a crate with no support or comfort is very bad for their bones and joints.

When getting a crate make sure you measure the size of your pet first. You can do this buy measuring from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail and from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. This will give you an accurate measurement to use when out buying your crate. Also if you are planning on putting a mattress or some sort of bedding in the crate which I highly and very strongly suggest then you should add another 12 inches to your measurements to make sure there is enough room for your mattress and your pet.

When you go out and buy your bedding you should also consider how much your dog weighs. If you have a small dog just like I do then the mattress doesn't need to be too thick because the weight of his body doesn't put too much pressure on the mattress itself. On the other hand if you have a dog that is big and has a lot of weight to him then you need a mattress that will be able to support him without giving way to his weight. You want your pet to be comfortable when you put him inside the crate and the best way to insure this is to make him as comfortable as possible.

A dog crate is a great way to train your pet as well as keep your home in tact while you are away. Adding comfort and space to the crate will go a long way in having your pet actually want to be in there.

This author lives in Flemington, NJ with her husband and 5 month old daughter and is an expert contributing author for a luxury dog feeders boutique offering variety of dog beds and orthopedic dog beds. This author and DogBedSupplies are also dedicated to providing valuable and informative articles on pet health, dog training, crate training, puppy breeds and more.

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Purchasing Pet Strollers For the Comfort of Your Furry Companion

By Bob Schmitt

All kinds of cats and dogs who are taken for rides in pet strollers will benefit from the fresh air and light. Kittens and cats that do not take well to walking on a leash will ride comfortably in a cat stroller. Puppies and small dogs can go along with you for a brisk walk or jog even if they are too small to keep up on their own. Even disabled dogs can come along for the ride. There are just a few considerations to make when buying pet strollers.

First, the pet strollers need to be designed to meet the needs of your pet. They should be able to carry the weight of your pet. Some are only for very lightweight pets, being only able to transport up to 15 or 20 pound animals. Others are suitable for animals as heavy as 70 pounds. As long as your pet fits within the range, it should be able to ride happily in the pet strollers you have chosen. You may also want pet strollers with a step or steps for the pet to climb up into the carrier, as well as front or rear entry.

Next, check out the construction and durability of the pet strollers you are considering. The size of the wheels may make a difference in your ability to maneuver the pet strollers, or to balance them on three wheels. Rear wheel shock absorbers are great if you are going to walk your pet over rough ground. Decide if the hand hold will give a secure one handed grip.

Finally, the comfort and safety features will affect how happy you and your pet will be with your pet strollers. Look for plenty of ventilation to let refreshing breezes come in and cool your pet. Mesh windows are great for keeping out bugs which might bother your pet. Wind and rain covers allow your pet to come with you no matter what the weather. You will want to find pet strollers with safety features such as reflectors.

Pet strollers make a walk more enjoyable for pet owners with small or disabled animals. Whether you are jogging in the park or taking a walk to the store, pet strollers can make the ride safe and cozy for your furry friend.

For purchasing information visit Bargains Delivered Pet Strollers or

Your Pet Needs the Best Dog Bed

By Mike Yeager

Dog beds are one of the best ways to express how much you love your dog. They are a great option for all kinds of pets and it is because they are available in all sorts of styles, shapes, and sizes. Take your new pooch for example, maybe he really likes to curl up against something when he sleeps, which usually ends up being your back. You can find a bed for him that are available in numerous designs and sizes including luxury beds, large or wicker beds, leather and orthopedic dog beds etc. There are a number of designer one also available.

Dog beds are a must for most dogs, unless of course you are giving up your spot in your bed. Dog beds are the perfect places for canines to sleep in the home. They even come in plush fabrics and in a variety of colors.

A soft comfortable place to sleep is just as important as a good night's rest is to you. Discount beds are actually no different than normal retail priced ones. The bed is made of the same materials, by the same premier companies, and functions in the same ways as a regular bed.

Orthopedic memory foam will reduce pressure on joints and other jutting body parts, and are firm enough to satisfy your dogs instinctual need to sleep on solid ground, while assisting healthy circulation. Traditional material is susceptible to sag; orthopedic pet bed surfaces refresh their form with every use, providing exceptional therapeutic cushioning. Orthopedic beds with medical-grade poly foam insulate older pets from cold floors and reduce strain and pressure on their joints. Orthopedic foam tends to provide additional warmth if you live in a cold climate. Using a dog bed in your home can help reduce injuries to your pet such as jumping off the couch; which is a favorite place to lie, especially when you are away.

Providing the right place for your pet to sleep is a great way to show your pet that you care about their health besides what food you feed them. They can feel this love and attention right away. For the simple look, you can use large pillows that give the pet a comfortable place to sleep.

Sleep is important to quality of life so when you think about how much quality your dog brings in your life you should also think about how much quality you can bring into his or hers. Sleep is like recharging the body. A nice bed can provide a good recharge for the body. Sleeping should be a soothing moment for your pet and not an exhausting one. Your dog must be able to fit in the bed yet still has enough space to stretch its body.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Best Pet Supplies

By Stephen Pappalau

People show so much love for their pet that they go overboard in buying pet supplies. Not only does it cost you unnecessary expenses, your home with so much pet supply but you will fill clutter which most of it your pet will never even use.

So buy wisely and get only those pet supplies your pet really needs. Below given are some ideas. Water and Food bowls. Your pet will use these bowls for many years, so do not skip. Buy in stainless steel as they last longer and are very easy to clean. Plastic bowls may be cheap, but it is very difficult to clean as it becomes old and many times it looses it shine and color. Pet food does not react stainless bowls.

Grooming pet supplies: Grooming supplies are available at online stores. Used correctly and regularly, it can help to stay your beloved pet huggable and clean.

Traveling pet supplies: If you travel often together with your pet, you may need special supplies such as well-ventilated, hard-sided kennels & harnesses. Also you may need a bag to carry your pet's meds and grooming supplies wherever you go. And if you are traveling by car, you can get an adjustable car seat for your pet.

Toys are good for your pets. Your cat or dog can enjoy even some simple available play toys like old socks. But if you can afford you can get your pet some fancy toys. It will keep your pet busy while you may attend to some important issues. And remember, active toys will let your pets exercise while they also have fun. But you must be careful to choose only those toys that are safe for them.

Today pet supply stores everywhere are getting better and better. They are becoming an important dependable source for all pet needs like pet medicines, pet accessories and pet food. Pet are allowed in pet stores. So take your pets inside the stores to make sure that whatever accessories you have bought fit them perfectly and look good on them and see if your pet likes your choice.

Pet spas: You may now get you pets cleaned and groomed right inside some pet supply stores. Some stores offer cat nail clipping or free dog shampoos also.

Online stores: Some Pet supply stores have online website presence from where you may purchase from the comforts of your home. Forget the traffic, heat / cold or even long checkout times. Just log on to the net, order, pay online by credit card and your pet supplies will be delivered to your home. One advantage of online shopping is that you can check out several websites to compare stuff and prices with just few clicks. Online prices are also very competitive and some even provide you with free shipping if you meet their minimum order requirements.

Does Your Boxer Dog Need Pet Stroller?

With the latest trend on pet strollers, you will probably ask yourself whether your Boxer dog really need one. Perhaps some people consider pet strollers as lavishness because that is what they want to think about. Why not look into the bright side to know the benefits one can get from having this stuff?

While a lot of people consider this unnecessary, there are some who find pet stroller a great idea in various situations. Whether you enjoy hopping from one city to another visiting scenic places or just stroll around malls with your Boxer dog, this one is great for you. Pet strollers give comfort and ensures safety when traveling with your pet. With your dog placed in pet stroller, you will never have to experience the ordeal of controlling your dog on a leash around many people and lessen the chances of getting your dog lost in a strange place. Moreover, paw problems can also be prevented. Pet stroller keeps your dog's feet clean and protected from harm caused by hot concrete, or trash on the sidewalk or road. Injured, disabled or old pets need stay inside the house for the rest of their lives. They need sunlight and fresh air and still need to socialize and mingle with other normal dogs. Don't deprive them of those things. Even if they can only walk limited distances or cannot walk at all, take them outdoor and let them enjoy the sunlight or inhale fresh air with the help of pet stroller. Veterinary trips will now be easier as well. The stroller will keep your pet off the floor visited by other sick dogs thus lessen the risk of contamination by contact.

Pet strollers do not just keep your pets safe from road dangers and disease contamination but are also user friendly. A lot of people prefer pet strollers over pet carriers because you do not have to lift and carry a pet stroller to transport your pet from one place to another. But if in any case you want to transport your pet by hand in the carrier, you can do so because some pet strollers come with detachable carriers that separate from the stroller frame- convenience and functionality all in one. Convenient, isn't it?

With all the uses of a pet stroller, can anyone say that it is unnecessary? You just have to choose which one is appropriate based on your dog's weight, height and personality. Naturally, you do not want to place your 25-pound Boxer dog on a pet stroller that can only carry a dog weighing 15 pounds.

Richard Cussons is a writer with knowledge on Boxer dog and other breeds of dog. Discover more Boxer dog training tips at

Monday, December 15, 2008

Warm Bed For Your Treasured Household Pet

By Trevor R. Price

Heated pet beds aren't just for spoiled pets - they're great for soothing tired muscles, warming old joints, relieving arthritis pain, whelping puppies and keeping your animals warm on a cold night.  

There are three specific styles of electric pet beds. These are mats, insert warmers and complete, full-sized heated beds. To learn more about each kind of bed, keep reading.

Heating Mats for Pet Beds

The best thing about heated mats for pets is that they're flexible. You can toss them on the floor, tuck them in a crate or lay one over a favorite sleeping spot. The other advantage? They're not as size-specific as beds, so both small and big animals can typically share one mat.

Before you use a heated pet mat outside, make sure it's certified for outdoor use. So, if you're planning to use your pet mat in a damp garage or dog house, look for one that's made with waterproof plastic and has an outdoor-graded power cord. Outdoor models typically come with fleece covers, which are fine. Just make sure you wash and dry them if they get wet or soiled.

Warmer Inserts

A pet bed warmer insert can usually be placed inside any pet bed, thus turning it into a heated pet bed. Because they're smaller, they typically use less power and can be moved around from bed to bed.

Remember, a pet bed heated insert isn't for outdoor or heavy-duty use. So, if you're looking for a warmer that can stand up to a cold garage or dank barn, you may need to step up to an outdoor, heated mat.

Before you buy a pet bed warmer, make sure it has a temperature control - you want to be able to adjust the warmth so that it doesn't get too hot. Also, look for one that can handle a little scratching and biting. 

Full Heated Pet Beds

A full-sized heated bed is the right choice if your pet likes a cupped bed, typically referred to as a "snuggle bed." They're sold in a range of styles and grades, depending on the size of your animal and whether it's staying outside or indoors.

Obviously, if you're buying a heated bed to keep your Chinese Crested Dog warm at night or you're buying one to soothe your Great Dane's arthritis, you'd size your snuggle bed accordingly.

If you're buying heated pet beds, the model you choose will depend on your needs. If you need a rugged heater that can withstand the elements, then buy a heated mat. If you need something efficient and portable, then pick the heated insert. Or, If you just need a simple bed with a little ambient warmth, then get the full bed.

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Pet Carrier Tips For Travel, Leisure, and City Transport

If your pet loves to go for strolls in the park or even travel abroad, pet travel carriers and pet strollers are ideal for times when you need to get there in a hurry and want to take your pet along. Whether you own a cat or dog, there are pet carriers to suit every need - no matter where you live.

Do you live in the city and want to protect your pet during walks along the busy streets? A pet carrier or stroller is perfect for these situations. Do you enjoy taking your pet along for road trips? A car pet carrier will prevent many "accidents" and headaches! Have you always dreamed of taking your pet along for a bike ride? Bicycle pet carriers are perfect for these occasions.

Types of Pet Carriers and Strollers

There are a number of styles of pet carriers and strollers available to fit your needs and budget. You can choose a plain carrier in basic colors and fabrics at a reasonable price - usually between $100 and $120. There are also designer pet carriers up to around $150 to $200. Some carriers are made to help you carry a small cat or dog by hand or even on your back (like a backpack). Wheeled pet carriers have wheels so you can stroll along with your pet safely secured inside.

If you enjoy bicycling, you'll find many stylish pet carriers that attach to the handlebars of your bike, or those that are attached behind your back tire with wheels so your pet can roll along safely behind you. There are numerous colors and designs to choose from when shopping for pet carriers, including solid colors (black, red, blue, yellow, green, pink, etc.) and a blend of colors such as camouflage, stripes, or plaid.

Look for quality brand names of pet carriers such as Burley Design, Pet Cruiser, Tagalong, Track'r, Pet-A-Roo, Teafco, Pak-o-Pet, PetAboard, PetGear, Kittywalk Royale, Doggie Jogger, Pet Pilot, and HoundAbout.

Features to Consider

All pet carriers should be durable for your active pet. Cats and dogs alike will sometimes bite, scratch or jump around while inside a pet carrier. A cheaply made carrier or stroller will fall apart quickly if it's not made to withstand the usual pet activity. Also look for washable pads so you can keep the carrier clean between walks or trips. Check out the wheels for sizing and flexibility. The wheels should turn easily and be able to withstand rugged roads or sidewalks, gravel, and sand.

When shopping for a pet carrier, be sure to look for its size and the weight capacity. If you have a cat that weighs 18 pounds, then you won't need a carrier that holds up to 50 pounds. On the other hand, if your dog weighs 50 pounds, be sure the carrier or stroller can hold that much weight.

With portable, hand-held (similar to handbags) or shoulder carriers, choose a carrier made of strong materials such as luggage grade nylon with strong mesh screening to allow for proper ventilation. Other features to look for are water-resistant liner, machine washable materials, padded shoulder straps, and a plush, comfortable inside. There are also carriers that can be converted into a pet bed when not traveling. Some even come with a warming pad if your pet sleeps in a cold area of your home or outdoors.

When buying a wheeled pet carrier, consider the height of the handles from the ground so you can maintain a comfortable posture while walking your pet. Look for safety lights, a safety brake, cup holders, a removable carrier section, easy folding for storage, and pockets for carrying a leash, treats, and other items.

Look for a pet carrier that suits your needs and your pet's size and personality. Every pet is unique, so shop around to see what's available. Whether you want a stylish pet carrier that's handheld, a wheeled pet carrier, or a cat or dog car seat, you can shop online to find a variety of styles and sizes at affordable prices.

Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web. Learn more about Pet Carrier Ideas for Travel.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Great Expectations: What Happens when you Take your Pet Bird to the Vet

Whenever your animal is sick, no matter what kind of animal you have, and you have to go to the vet, there are going to be lots of things that you are going to want to keep in mind. Of course, you are going to be taking your pet to the vet even when they aren't sick, because in order to have a healthy pet you need to be getting it a check up, just like you would a person. So, no matter what your reason is for taking your pet bird to vet, there are some things that you should keep in mind to make sure that it goes the way you'd like it to go.


First of all, you should know your vet, and you should know what their policies are for taking your animals in. What kind of time frame do you need to make an appointment, and how long do appointments usually last? These are things that you can ask your vet before you bring any of your animals in, and these are things that you should be aware of so that you can plan your day accordingly.


Something else that you should be aware of when you are taking your pet bird to the vet is that not a lot of vets know a lot about pet birds. In fact, unless you have spoken to your vet before about your bird, you shouldn't be surprised if your vet only has a brief knowledge about your pet bird. Therefore, you should bring in some information about your bird when you first go to the vet, especially if you have a rare type of pet bird, or one that you don't' think people around your area would know much about. If your vet says that he doesn't know much about birds, it is perfectly ok to ask for recommendations of vets that know more about birds and that can give you more information.


Unless your vet mentions that he doesn't know much about your bird, chances are that he knows more than you do. So he is probably going to handle your bird and do things to it that you might not feel comfortable doing. You have to trust your vet with your bird, just like you trust your vet with your other animals. Your vet is trained in animal medicine, so he should know all about what to do. Also, if your vet gives you advice when it comes to taking care of your pet bird, you need to be sure to follow it!

Aspergillosis and Your Bird

We all love to have animals, but sometimes we need to be careful that we aren't causing ourselves more pain and suffering by having them. No matter what pet you have, there are risks that are associated with having that pet, and you are going to want to be sure that you know what they are and that you do everything you can to make sure that they don't' happen.


First of all, when you have a pet bird or other animals such as birds in your yard or farm, you might run the risk of developing Aspergillosis. This comes from a fungus that can be found in compost piles or other areas where bird waste has collected. With your pet birds, there is little chance of getting Aspergillosis as long as you keep the cage clean, but if you have larger birds or if you have many birds on your property, there is a chance that you could see an outbreak of Aspergillosis if you aren't careful.


There are several signs of Aspergillosis that you should watch out for. Since it is a general lung infection that comes from fungus, the clearest signs are going to be wheezing and coughing, as well as coughing up phlegm and an inability to breathe. You also might find yourself disoriented, and confused, or with a high fever.


The best way to avoid getting Aspergillosis or any other diseases is always to make sure that you are running clean and safe establishments. This is both for the humans as well as for the birds. You want to be sure that your animals are living in quarters that can be easily cleaned, and that are cleaned often, and you have to be sure that you dispose of the waste in a way that is not dangerous. It does no good to clean out the bird waste if it is still going to be left somewhere that humans might come in contact with it and become sick.


If you think that you or your family members have developed Aspergillosis you are going to want to be sure that you see a doctor right away. There are various stages to the illness, and the sooner you catch it the better you are going to be. You should always be sure that you are notifying your doctor about what is on your property and what you might have come into contact with as well.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Raising the Bar - Advantages of Using Elevated Dog Bowls

By David Davidson

Though they are practically leaping with excitement the minute your hand touches the food bag, are your dogs really happy and comfortable when they are eating their meals? Chances are, even though they seem to be thrilled with their dinner, they might not be as comfortable as they look, eating their food out of dog bowls on the floor.

Larger dogs and older dogs may actually be extremely uncomfortable when eating out of a bowl on the floor. The bending and stooping that is needed to reach their food can prove painful, especially in older dogs. Many people have turned to using elevated dog bowls for feeding their larger and aging pets, and are seeing wonderful benefits.

Less Mess To Clean Up

When dogs eat their food and drink water from bowls on the floor, there is usually a large amount of spillage and mess. The awkward eating position causes them to spill food over the sides of their bowls and water dishes are easily stepped on. Even spill-proof water dishes can't compete with a strategically placed paw. By raising the bowls off the floor, many of these spills and messes are completely eliminated.

Less Strain On Joints and Muscles

By using a bowl that is the right height for your dog, they will have much less strain and discomfort to the muscles and joints, particularly in the neck and shoulder areas. For dogs that suffer from arthritis, most vets recommend that owners raise their dogs' food to increase their comfort level. Even for taller dogs, raised bowls can improve their posture when eating and prevent potential problems with the neck, back and shoulders.

Less Excess Air Swallowed

When a dog eats in an awkward position, they have a tendency to swallow a large amount of air. This can cause gas and bloating that is very uncomfortable and bothersome. When a dog eats from an elevated bowl, less air will be swallowed and digestion will be much easier on the animal.

At a first look, many people see elevated dog bowls and think that they are made for spoiled dogs that are too lazy to bend over to eat their food. However, purchasing an elevated food dish for your dog is not spoiling them; it is simply a matter of making them happier and more comfortable.

How the Experts Choose Cat Litter Pans, Bowls and Saucers and Toys For Their Cats

By Paul Kramer

The size of your cat's litter pan depends on how large she is and if she will be sharing it with any other cats. You can purchase a plastic litter pan at any grocery or pet store. And it is a good idea to have a few disposable cardboard pans on hand.

These are useful for short trips with your cat. Or if you have a friend coming by to take care of her while you are gone, it makes it easier for your friend if the entire litter pan, contents and all, can be thrown out.

Litter pans also come with hoods or are completely enclosed with just a small opening for your cat to enter. The problem with this type of litter pan is that she will very often splash urine against the sides of the enclosure making even more work for you in cleaning not only the pan, but the enclosure as well.

Your cat will need bowls for both water and dry food. She will also need a flat saucer for moist or wet food. If there are other cats in the house, or if you are feeding outdoor cats, a water feeder and a dispenser for dry food are excellent.

These can hold a larger amount of water and food than bowls, and have protective covers to keep the contents fresher and free from dirt and dust. A water feeder is also useful if you are away from home for several hours at a time, because it means your cat will not go thirsty if she knocks it over.

There are many cat toys on the market. Although the best ones have you attached, your cat will need toys for when you are away or too busy to play with her. You can either make your own toys or purchase them.

The stores are full of toys for cats but make sure that any you purchase are free of small attachments. These can come off easily and be accidentally swallowed. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if the toy is safe for a human baby. If not, then it is probably not safe for your cat.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Traveling With Your Dog in the Car This Holiday Season?

By Dawn Ross

The Holiday Season is here and it's time to visit family. Some of you have family close by while others may have to drive a few to several hours. For those of you who have to go a long distance, you will probably want to take your dog with you. Your dog is part of the family, after all. So if you are traveling with your dog in the car for a long drive, here are a few tips to make the travel easier and safer for you both.

Some dogs love to ride in the car while others don't. Before traveling with your dog in the car, check with your vet. Make sure your dog is healthy enough for the trip or if it would be best to leave the dog at home or with a boarding kennel. Or your vet may recommend something to keep your dog calm during the trip if your dog tends to get nervous in the car.

Also have your vet make sure your dog has updated tags and possibly even an identifying microchip insert. This is for just in case your dog gets away during a pit stop or your dog wanders off while you are at your far-from-home destination.

Depending on how long you are traveling with your dog in the car, you may want to have your dog's food and water handy. Convenient pet travel bowls would make it easy to give your dog food and water while making a pit stop. If your dog tends to get sick in the car, you may not want to give them food. Be sure to talk to your vet about this.

Be prepared to make pit stops for not just you, but also your dog. You do not want a doggie accident in the car. If you are afraid such a thing might happen, it would be best if you had a car seat cover or even just a blanket over the seat. Handi-wipes are great for cleaning up messes and eliminating some odors. Make sure you put your dog on a leash when you let your dog out of the car. Also, keep some dog waste bags on hand. Picking up after your pet is not just a courtesy, it is a requirement in some places.

The most important thing to consider for traveling with your dog in the car is a pet auto safety device such as a dog seat belt. The last thing you need while driving possibly wet or icy roads is a distraction caused by your pet. Some dogs are inclined to jump back and forth from the front to the back seat or they attempt to get into the driver's lap. A dog seat belt will help to keep your dog in the back seat. Even if your dog is well behaved in the car, a dog seat belt will help to protect your dog should an unfortunate accident occur. If your dog is 30 pounds or smaller and the trip is long, you may also consider using a comfortable pet car seat in conjunction with a dog seat belt.

If you have a chance, take your dog on smaller trips to get them used to riding in the car or wearing their dog seat belt. Traveling with your dog in the car does not have to be a hassle. And don't forget to pack all the things both you and your dog will need during the family visit. Besides all the items listed above (current tags, food and water, dog travel bowls, dog waste bags, dog seat belt, and dog leash), you may also want to bring your dog's crate, their bed, and their favorite dog toys. This way, your dog feels a little more at home and has as great of a time as you. Have a safe and wonderful Holiday!

5 Reasons Why You Might Need Pet Strollers For Dogs

By Mike Gray

5 Ways pet strollers for dogs are useful

Pet strollers for dogs are more than just novelty things. They can actually be the best thing that can ever turn out for you and your pet.

1. The best means to really pamper your pet. Wish to convey your love for your puppy? Carry him to areas while he chills out on his Pet strollers for dogs. Regard him like a baby, because he is. Watch him wonder at the new views he will see while he enjoys the comfort and security of his movable seat.

2. Save your pet from the strenuous activity of walking with his tiny paws. Walking your dog is a good way of exercise for your dog. Still, pets should be spared from tiring walks, as their small legs will tire them out early. Instead, take a Pet strollers for dogs along, so that when your dog displays the signs of exhaustion, you can place him on the pet stroller and let him to relax for the time of the walk.

3. Buggies sure outdo going after your dog while he's in a harness. You don't have to yank your dog down the street when he declines to obey. Even with a bind, such can be upsetting for your dog. Instead, keep him to his Pet strollers for dogs when he declines to move. This method, you'll give him no choice.

4. Cover longer distances with your dog Strolling with your dog is an excellent exercise opportunity not only for your canine companion, but for you as well. Most of the times however, dog owners are limited when it comes to the distance they can cover because of their puppies' restrictions. With Pet strollers for dogs, you can cover longer distances because you can always place your dogon the buggy and shove the same the rest of the way.

5. Pet strollers for dogs are just hip to look at. When you see a dog taking pleasure in his stay on a buggy, what do you feel? Pet strollers are extremely hip devices that will get attention from everyone.

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Faux Leather Dog Bed - Get Your Pet a Luxury Bed Today

By James D Nash

Every dog loves the feeling of leather. They love the smell of it too, however it can be very costly even when it is small like a dog bed. Luckily for any dog owner there are faux leather dog beds that are available. This is more appropriately known as microfiber. Microfiber is a great fabric because not only does it mimic suede, the underside of the leather, but it also resists stains and is very easy to clean up. However if it is the other side of the leather you want, the rawhide, then there are many great choices in this arena as well. Faux rawhide is quite simply known as pleather. It is the same exact stuff that is used on fake leather car seats and even dashboards.

Either way, if you are wanting faux suede or even a faux leather dog bed, it is good to know that they are out there. The best part though is that when you go with the faux, it will be cheaper, however when you go with it and you purchase it online then it will be even cheaper still. Two fold when you think about it, because purchasing it online is cheap because there is no warehouse and by purchasing it online you are saving gas money and having it delivered right to your front door. Now doesn't that make sense?

Whether it is a chase lounge style dog bed or even a traditional bolstered side dog bed that you are looking for, the choices featuring faux leather are numerous. Take some time looking for them online and you will find so many choices to choose from that you will simply be amazed.

Even some of the most well-known makers of different luxury dog beds offer their own lines for you to choose from. They come in traditional styles or rounded styles! They come in bolstered sides as well as some pretty unique designs as well. With so many choices when it comes to a faux leather sofa or bed that you can choose from, why would you want to get anything else. Besides, it comes down to the concept of pampering your pet with some of the finer things in life and one of those things is that of leather.

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You can view a luxury Faux Leather Dog Sofa right now!

Designer Dog Coats and Clothes Are Fabulous Accessories When Dressing Your Pet

By Caroline Miller

For those who hoist dogs are protective and concerned about their convenience. Did you know that dogs sleep better when they are comfortable? Good night sleep is important to all and sundry, as well as our pets. In actual fact receiving good days slumber can also be incorporated in that statement as far as dogs are apprehensive. The normal dog will sleep most of the day. A sleep specialist for both pets and people says that grown-up dogs sleep a regular of fourteen to sixteen hours per day.

How can you make your dog's sleep comfortable? Is that what you are thinking in your mind?

Don't worry. We will tell you ways in which you can make your loved dog sleep sound and comfortable so that your dog does not behave clumsy during the day. Treat your dog in a proper manner. Arrange foe a dog bed in your dog house. Look for a bed that is strong, washable and easy. Dog beds are available in many forms like chew beds. Your dog bed should resemble a folding bed. These beds are preferred to be well-ventilated. But those who are living in colder regions, should keep an account of the fact that cold climate will need extra careful about the setting. Already the dog house is placed outside the house. Therefore, arrange for warm cushions under the bed. Set up a couch that is warm enough. You can also arrange for heaters surrounding your dog's beds. You can arrange for warm mats on the ground. A kennel needs to be made in accordance with the place. It can be made cool as well as cozy depending upon the conditions of the place.

Also take care that the kennel is not made near the gate. It can disturb the dog as well as the visitors. Outside traffic can hamper the dog from sleeping sound. Dogs need to sleep well especially during their breeding season.

Dog beds should be purchased with care. You should keep in mind a lot of things before buying these beds. Your dog's size is very important for the bed. Grown up, dogs need large dog beds. Dogs can only feel comfortable if the bed size is a little larger than the dog's size. Dog beds are accessible in a variety of costs. A comfortable bed can range from high prices to average price range. Making a careful decision can let your dog sleep sound.

Many forms of dog beds that consist of the large dog beds, designer dog beds, extra large dog beds, orthopedic dog beds, comfort dog beds, donut dog beds and many more. Dog beds for deal should be in terms of quality and price that you can ever find on the internet. There are also those special dog beds that are suggested by the vet for special dogs. You can order for these beds online. Or you can get your own dog bed made according to your requirements. Love your pet like a child and you will give it a healthy surroundings.

This author lives in Flemington, NJ with her husband and 5 month old daughter and is an expert contributing author for a luxury dog beds boutique offering variety of pesonalized dog beds and pet keepsakes.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crate Training Dogs & Puppies- FAQ

By A. Grignard
1) Why should I crate train my dog?

Crate Training is the fastest and most humane method of housebreaking dogs. Have you ever seen a dog under a table, chair or bed? The reason is that dogs naturally want to seek shelter, even in a house. If you don't provide it, they will create it themselves in an effort to feel safe and secure. A crate serves as a den for your dog.

2) How does crate training work?

Like babies, puppies cannot control their bladders until they mature (usually between 3 and 6 months). Dogs have a natural instinct to avoid eliminating in their dens. Therefore, confining your puppy in his crate for the proper amount of time encourages him to "hold it" until you take him outside for a walk. Pet Dreams offers Free Crate Training Tips with more step-by-step details.

3) What about housebreaking older dogs?

It is never too late to crate train your dog! The number one reason dogs end up in shelters is behavior problems. Crate training, at any age, can help break bad habits and solve most of these problems.

4) How long do I need to use the crate?

Crates are not just for training- they are good for the lifetime of your dog. By providing a crate for your dog, you are in essence providing him with his own bedroom. Crates are especially important for older dogs that use it to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday family life, which often includes small children or other pets that may harass them.

5) How safe is crate training?

Dog crates are the best housetraining tool available. They provide a room for your dog while protecting your home furnishings from damage. However, even a crate isn't an absolute safe harbor for your pet. As per crate manufacturers warnings, you should always remove standard collars before placing your dog in a crate. Otherwise, your dog is at risk for possible strangulation if his collar or ID tags become caught in the crate's bars. Pet Dreams' Cratewear bumpers are the only bumpers made high enough to help prevent collar strangulation and other crate-related injuries.

6) I was told that dogs like their crates, so why do I have to force mine inside?

There are many reasons to not enjoy a bare metal dog cage.

  • Comfort: When dogs lie down in their crates, they are leaning up against wire bars, which can be very irritating. Crate bumpers and pads, like Cratewear, provide the comfort your dog will appreciate.
  • Security: Wire crates leave your dog exposed on all sides. Crate covers provide den-like security.
  • Location: Separating your dog from the rest of the family can add stress. Dogs are social animals, so the ideal location is a room full of activity. Your dog will enjoy his new room while still being part of the family. At night the bedroom is an ideal place for a crate so your dog will feel the security of being close to you.
  • Time: Confining him in his crate for excessive periods of time will be a negative experience for your dog. After housebreaking your dog, we recommend removing the door from the crate so he can enjoy his den any time he chooses.

7) What can I do to make my dog's crate more appealing?

  • Use Cratewear to make his crate safe & comfortable
  • Put appropriate toys and treats inside the crate, which will entice him to go in on his own.
  • Feeding your dog in his crate can develop a positive association with it.
  • Give your puppy lots of praise when he enters the crate.

8) How do I stop my dog from whining or barking the crate?

Again, make sure the crate is in a good location. Veterinarians and trainers recommend covering the crate to give your dog the privacy he needs to feel secure. If your dog can see you, he'll want to be with you outside the crate. Crate covers lower the number of distractions your dog sees, which reduces barking and stress. Note: Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety should not be crated. If you feel your dog is suffering from separation anxiety and is showing clinical signs, please avoid crating him until speaking to a professional.

9) What's in it for me?

Dog crates give your dog a place he can claim as his territory. Providing your dog with a comfortable room of his own will help keep him off your furniture. In addition to the safety and comfort benefits for your dog, Cratewear will enhance your wire crate to fit your decor, making the crate an attractive addition to any room. All of this results in a more positive training experience for you and your pooch!

© 2005 Pet Dreams - Pet Dreams® and Cratewear® are registered trademarks. All rights reserved.

Capture Your Pooch's Personality - Choosing Designer Dog Bowls

By David Davidson

When purchasing a bowl for your best friend, you will certainly want to select one that fits their personality, while maintaining the functionality that is needed at mealtime. Here are some tips for choosing the right designer dog bowls for your own pooch's mealtime needs:

• Make sure the bowl is the correct size for your dog. Long, floppy ears and wide open bowls generally don't make for the neatest combination, so choose the bowl to fit your dog's size and shape, as well as their personality.
• Select a bowl made from a sensible material. Bowls should be heavy enough that they won't tip over easily and easy to clean in between uses. If you have a very active or hyperactive dog, you might want to choose dog bowls made of plastic or metal to help prevent breakage.
• Be sure that you select a bowl that has a non-skid surface on the bottom. Even the most spoiled of dogs can have messy spills on occasion, when their bowl gets the better of them. This will keep the bowl from sliding away as they eat or drink.
• Choose bowls that are large enough to hold one meal's worth of food and twice enough water. This will make your job easier, allowing you to take care of your dog's needs at once, rather than dealing with several refills to get through a meal or running the risk of your dog not having enough water when you are gone.

Once you have narrowed down the selection of designer dog bowls with these tips, you can start choosing one that fits your dog's personality. There are many different designs and styles available. For instance, if you and your dog like to spend your free time feeling the wind in your face, riding a motorcycle, look for a bowl with a leathery look and a motorcycle logo. If your dog is a pampered little princess, she might like a bowl that has gems and rhinestones that spell out her name. The options are virtually endless and only limited by your own imagination. Choose a feeding dish that is the proper size and shape, plus expresses your family pet's individuality and feeding times will be everyone's favorite time of the day.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pet Strollers - Tips to Assure Your Dog Loves a New Pet Stroller

By Jackie Lee

Are you considering purchasing a pet stroller for your dog? Are you concerned they just might not like it? Most people will find their dogs adjust quickly to their pet strollers, but if you are concerned your dog might not be so quick to warm up, don't worry! Here are some easy tips to make sure your dog will adjust to and learn to love his or her new pet stroller:

* Pet Strollers are to be used outside. So make sure you only use your pet stroller for going outside. You want your pet should associate the pet stroller with the enjoyment of being outside rather than with being confined indoors. Never use your pet stroller to confine you dog for being naughty. If your pet enjoys being outside they will quickly learn to like the pet stroller because it will signal the fact they are going outside.

* Leave your pet stroller out in the open, in a common area where your dog feels comfortable. This will allow your dog to investigate their new pet stroller on their own. Leave a couple pet snacks inside. Leaving your dog a few doggie treats will make your pet comfortable, excited even, to go back in later. Let your dog explore the pet stroller and get to the treats inside. Once they comfortable enough to take a nap it won't be long before they are comfortable enough to take a ride. Just make sure to lock the pet stroller wheels so your poor dog doesn't roll away when they jump in. If they jump in and it rolls away that could set the process back quite a bit.

* Reward your dog with a treat the first few times you use the pet stroller. There's nothing dogs love more than treats. If they begin to associate the pet stroller with something they love they will begin to love the stroller.

* The first few times you use your pet stroller try to go to calm and quiet places. Your dog will be working on getting used to the pet stroller, don't give them a huge crowd to deal with too. Once your dog has adjusted to the new pet stroller it will be a perfect way to take them to busy places, like festivals or even the mall.

* Be patient with your dog. It may take some time for him to adjust. If you get frustrated by his lack of love for his pet stroller he will be able to feel it. If he feels you are frustrated or angry with him he will associate that with the new stroller making it even more difficult for him to begin to love it.

* As with anything new to a pet it may take a couple times for them to adjust. Be patient and understanding, and make sure you use a happy tone of voice when you are talking to your dog about his new pet stroller. It may take a couple trips, but your dog will soon realize their pet stroller is fun!

If you are still looking to get your first or second stroller for your pet, learn which of the many available pet strollers is best for you and your pet. Information and reviews available at

Ceramic Dog Food Bowl and Ceramic Pets Water Bowl

By Jeya Lakshmi

Pet dining in true designer style, with customized ceramic bowls! The versatile ceramic dog food bowl treat jar blue and red is both stylish and decorative. The neutral color ceramic jar with faux leather handle and black felt trim will add to any home decor.

Attractive and functional ceramic dog bowls in fashionable colors. Match your ceramic dog food bowl with a decorative ceramic treat canister. This cute designer ceramic food bowl dish is blue in color with cut outs of paw print along the side of the dish. This easy to clean bowl is dishwasher safe.

For the modern dog, this ceramic jar, with bowl and tan paw print ceramic dinnerware makes a sophisticated statement. The collection includes food bowls and a treat jar. Identifying food and water bowls makes feeding easy without the mix-up. Pet feeding has never been this safe and organized, made from high-fire, restaurant quality porcelain it is cadmium and lead free. Designed with a string of puppies surrounding the outer sides of the bowl, it blends nicely with simple or extravagant decor. This dog bowl is microwave-safe and let's you give your pet warm meals at any time. It pets also dishwasher-safe for a hands-free clean up.

This lightweight, quality Ceramic food bowl is a great colorful alternative to plain dishes and bowls. Our colorful Pet Dishes are made from food-safe ceramic and can be used indoors or out. Pet dining in true designer style, with customized ceramic bowls! Fit for a King ceramic bowls is sure to make your pet s mealtime rule! Please purchase online in New York city.

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Psittacosis: The Parrot Fever

When you are dealing with Psittacosis, you are dealing with a sickness that is found in birds but can be transmitted to other animals, as well as to people. It is a disease that is caused by an organism called Chlamydophila psittaci. Psittacosis can be infectious to humans, birds, cows, cats, sheep, goats and pigs. It will also infect all different kinds of birds.


Most of the time, birds get it from one another by inhaling dust from the droppings or from the feathers of the birds that have been infected. When a lot of birds have been together, like in a pet shop or boarding place, it might happen more often.


There are several symptoms that might show that your bird has Psittacosis, even though there aren't any for sure symptoms. If your bird doesn't eat or drink, loses weight, is depressed or listless, or has watery green droppings as well as discharge from anywhere, or dies suddenly, it might have Psittacosis. Even if a bird doesn't show symptoms, it can still be a carrier, and can pass it to its offspring.


If you think your bird has Psittacosis, you have to be sure that it goes to a vet, even though diagnosis is tough. Treatment should begin right away ,and is going to be done by a vet and should only be done by an avian vet. You should also get any birds that have been exposed to your sick bird treated as well.


There are several things that you can do to make sure that you prevent any of your birds from getting Psittacosis. You should always take your new pet birds to the vet, and should isolate them from other birds for at least 6 weeks to make sure that nothing develops. You should also only get your pet birds from a supplier that has a good reputation.


It is possible for humans to get Psittacosis. If you are sick or elderly, or have an immunosuppressing condition, you are gong to be at high risk. If you have lots of exposure to birds, and have developed something that seems like a prolonged flue, you are going to want to talk to your doctor about your exposure to birds and see if this could be the cause of your ailment.


Remember as well that good hygiene plays a role. Be sure to wash your hands carefully after handing your pet bird or anything that comes into contact with your pet bird. 

Birds and Metal Poisoning

When you own a pet bird, you know that there are always going to be things that you should look out for, and things that you have to be careful of so that your bird doesn't get sick or injured. You always want to be on the lookout for things that will help your bird be happy and healthy, and you never want to be in a situation where you have done anything careless that is going to let your pet bird become sick. Birds and metal poisoning is something that you want to keep in mind when you own pet birds.


Many times, people keep their pet birds in cages that are designed just for them. This is the best way to do this, as the manufacturers of the birdcages are going to be sure to use proper things in the birdcage – things that aren't going to make your bird sick. You should always keep your pet birds in a cage that is designed for them. First of all, they are going to be less likely to get out, and second of all, you know that the cage has been built and designed to hold pet birds, and therefore is not going to be harmful in any way.


If you keep your pet bird somewhere other than a bird cage, or if you let your pet bird roam in your house without supervising them, you always run the risk of having your bird be poisoned by something. Like any other animal, a bird will explore his surroundings, and might be tempted to nibble on the bars of a cage, or on something in your home. If there are metals that are unhealthy for birds, you might find yourself with a very sick bird.


The best way to avoid metal poisoning in your pet bird is to make sure that you are keeping your bird either in a cage that is designed for him, or that you have gone to the trouble to research your cage's materials to be sure that they aren't going to harm your bird. Also, you have to be sure to supervise your pet bird very much when he is out of the cage to be sure that he doesn't get into anything he shouldn't. A good way to do this is to bird proof the room that he will be in, and to make sure that nothing in that room is going to harm him. Then, while he is out, be sure to keep a good eye on him so he doesn't get into trouble.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Do You Want to Remove Pet Stains From Your Hardwood Floors?

By Christopher W Smith

A majority of American families have welcomed pets into their hearts and homes. No matter how cherished a pet may be, it still needs to be trained to use a litter box or go outside when the urge prompts. Regardless of how well trained your pet is, there will still be occasional mishaps. If you're in the habit of leaving your pet home alone for long hours, or if you have an older pet, the inevitable is bound to happen.

For people who have hardwood floors, this can present a real problem. You've probably learned that if your pet has an accident, you're going to end up with a stain on your hardwood floor that is going to be difficult to get rid of. Relax! Pet stains can be removed from hardwood floors. By getting a few special tools together, you'll be able to remove a fresh stain quite easily. Older stains will take a little more work, but they, too, can be removed with a little effort. Before beginning, always remember to test your stain removal method on an out of sight piece of flooring to make sure you won't cause any damage.

Most pets have the instinct to mark out their territory within your home. This is especially true if you have old pet stains which your new pet will be able to smell. Your new pet will want to leave his mark on top of any old pet stains to establish that the territory now belongs to him. Any time you remove a pet stain, be it fresh or old, you need to get rid of all the odors that will attract your current pet's territorial instincts.

Removing Fresh Pet Stains

Since fresh pet stains will not have soaked into the floor yet, they are easy to remove. To take care of pet stains when they first happen, you'll want to keep the following items on hand: paper towels, white vinegar, warm water, and a product that contains bacteria and enzymes which will eliminate both the stain and the odor from the area. When shopping for this product, read the label carefully to determine if it was formulated for use on a hardwood floor. Some of the stronger products on the market will actually damage your floor, so make sure you avoid them.

When a pet stain happens, grab your materials (you may want to keep them all assembled in a small pail), and use the following method to eradicate the stain and odor:

* Use a paper towel to blot away any standing urine.
* Scrub the stain with white vinegar which will help eliminate both stain and odor.
* Use the warm water to rinse the stained area.
* Once again, blot up any liquid using paper towels. You want to dry the area quickly and thoroughly so that you don't incur any water damage. If you leave water standing for too long, you may begin to see some warping.
* Use the stain and odor removal product you purchased to treat the area. By doing so you'll lessen the chances that your pet will find the area attractive again in the future.

Eradicating Old Pet Stains

If you have stains that have been around long enough to have soaked down into the wood and sub-flooring, you will need to sand down into the stain in order to determine how deep the damage went. If you find that the stain is gone after just a bit of sanding, you will probably be able to refinish just that area. If the damage is too deep and too extensive, however, you'll have to take out that section of the flooring and then possibly need to refinish the entire floor.

Stains that have been left for long periods of time will have left odors that eventually permeated the wood and the sub-flooring. You can often treat these areas with commercial bleach, but if you do that, protect your skin with rubber gloves, and make sure you know what you're doing. If it comes down to the fact that you're going to have to sand and resurface the whole floor, use a shellac-based primer which will give you the results you're looking for.

Do you want to find out more about how to install laminate floors? Refinishing Hardwood also has information on how to clean hardwood floors.

Canidae Dog Food - A Premium Pet Food Brand

By Robert Playoll

Canidae dog food is one of the most highly respected brands of premium dog food in the marketplace. Many dog owners try Canidae and find no reason to ever switch to another dog food brand. Known for outstanding quality in preparation, coupled with their unmatched human grade nutrition, Canidae has been widely considered the first and last stop for many dog owners.

All natural, for all life stages and made with human grade ingredients, Canidae pet foods is committed to providing you and your dogs the highest standard of excellence for dog food quality and satisfaction. All of the Canidae dog foods are made with quality in every single bag. They use no corn, wheat, soy, grain fraction or fillers in their formulas. Additionally, each variety is naturally preserved.

The various formulas they provide covers the full spectrum of dog development and varied taste buds. Two such solutions I'll highlight are the All Life Stages formula and the Platinum formula.

The All life stages formula is a perfect, all around dog food. As the name implies, it's a solution for dogs of all ages, from a small puppy to adult. It is an excellent solution to provide your dog the best nutrition available in a balanced, all natural diet. It is made with four human grade meats...chicken, turkey, lamb and fish. Other features include the use of ten skin & coat conditioners, antioxidant vitamins, and balanced omega 6 & 3 fatty acids. With excellent palatability, holistic and herbal benefits, and made for all stages of development, This formula is sure to please your canine.

The other product I will highlight is the Canidae Platinum. It is formulated for senior and overweight dogs that need a lower fat and calories alternative. Made with chicken, turkey, lamb,herring and brown rice, this formula is full of nutrients to make your senior dog thrive. This recipe is also great for senior dogs that have joint problems, because they have added glucosamine and chondroitin, which helps promote better joint health.

Complete, natural solutions. Canidae formulas of dog food provide all the necessary nutrition and natural supplements your dog requires to help grow and lead a healthy life.

Dog Food provides detailed information on adult dog food, puppy food, senior dog food, organic dog food and more. Including brands such as Canidae.

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