Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hermit Crab Shells

By Terry McInnis 

What makes hermit crabs so amazing as pets is the fact that aside from the cage that we provide them we also need to provide them with the most important part of their dwelling-the shell. The shell is very important to the life of the crabs because they protect their sensitive and soft abdomen. In fact, the shell does not only function as protective dwelling for the hermits, the shell is also an important element in keeping moisture to this part of their body. Though not choosy when it comes to protecting this part of their body, as pet owners it is your obligation and duty to provide the best shell to your crabs like they are in the wild.

When the hermit crabs are in their natural habitat in the wild, we do not worry about this part of their well-being because nature is a rich source of everything. If they are brought home as pets, we exhaust all means and efforts to make them really feel at home. That is why in choosing the best shells it is important to take note that the shells must have no holes in them or have no cracks in order to keep the moisture inside or else they will dry up inside and will die. It is given that the shells have a good fitting so that your pet can have enough room for withdrawing into the shell. In fact, it is advisable to give your pet larger than their size hermit crab shells as they will one day outgrow the current shell.

Since the hermit crab shells functions also as your pet's mobile home, it is but important that the shells must be good enough to keep them mobile. You have to keep in mind that they love to go around, dig and climb on anything and so you need to consider these factors when giving your pet the shell. Very much like fitting your favorite dress or jeans in the nearby luxury dress shop, they also love to fit first the shell before owning it or they will look for a good fit. In the end, they generally love shell that is big enough for them to fit in but light enough for them to easily move and play around the cage.

As a hermit crab lover it is important to understand that they also love to change shells rather frequently. The reason mainly is because shells can get too small for crab's size. They outgrow the shell. In fact, there are some species who like to change shells like the Caribbean hermit crabs that tend to hop for shells quite often. On the other hand, the Ecuadorian hermit crabs have a tendency to stick to one shell for longer times, if the shell is getting too small for their size! It is in this purpose that you need to have extra supply of hermit crab shells so that you are ready just in time when your pet needs a new shell. In fact, they can at time be quite choosy when it comes to the shell and that is why it is important to give a good variety of choices.

Since your pet is now part of your family, it is but important that you only give your hermit crab the cleanest shell. The best way to accomplish this is to boil the shell before giving it to your lovely pet. In this way, you are effectively sanitizing the shell by killing all possible living organisms inside it that can harm the crab. In the end, it is too risky to give an unclean shell to your hermit crab pet. If you are having difficulty finding a shell, it is best to visit the best online pet shop and purchase shells for your hermit.

In choosing the best hermit crab shells for your pet you only have to consider three things: size, shape, type and quality. When you have accomplished this requirements, your pet is more than happy to stay with you for the next 20 or 30 years.

Terry is a hermit crab enthusiast. For more great information on hermit crab shells, visit http://hermitcrabcarecenter.com.


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